Friday, September 21, 2007

Playing the Game

There are several things you notice when you're a single female...especially one in her early 40's. I'm not 25 anymore, but that doesn't mean I'm old (I daresay I'm trying to convince myself more than you lol). From the outside looking in, I'm single....from the inside (that includes you lot, in case you were wondering), I'm not.

But whilst I'm hanging around in limbo, there are those out there that help boost my ego through the empty times when I may be feeling particularly vulnerable.

We all have them right? They're out there smiling, winking, charming their way in with their friendly hearts, making us feel important...acknowledging us. Doesn't mean they want to do anything about it, but it helps to fill in time while we wait.

Nobody likes to think they're invisible all the time. There are moments when we wish we could hide away from the outside world...even moments when we wish the ground would open up and suck us into it's depths....but to go unnoticed on a regular basis? To be ignored like we don't matter? I've had moments where I'd like to climb into the wardrobe, sit in the corner, my face in my hands and block out the realities of life.

There are several people in my daily life that make me feel special. Not in a deep loving sense and not in a way that I, or they, would want to take further. Just enough to make me feel good...enough to make me smile and lift my spirits.

The mechanics at the garage next to the medical centre....a wave, a smile, a "Good Morning!" yelled out from the back of the workshop. The coffee man, who is kind enough to deliver my mocha during a frantic afternoon shift, bringing with him chocolate cake that I haven't asked for (and so far haven't managed to consume before the nursing staff have fallen upon it first lol). The podiatrist at work that always comments favourably on my hair being worn either up or down, or how good I look in a particular colour...the man even notices when I'm wearing new jewellery. (I imagine if you're messing with peoples feet all day, you'd be searching for positives in every way possible lol.)

It's not about needing to be in the spotlight, or demanding the attention of everyone you have contact with during the day. It's about being acknowledged....noticed...even in the smallest way. It could be a raised eyebrow, a cheeky smile, a sideway doesn't matter how slight. It's enough to make us feel something...a warmth that we carry with us...a positive energy that is enjoyed and then easily passed onto another. (I could just as easily type the cliche "Smile and the world smiles with you" and it would give the same message but this is me afterall, and y'all know seven words aint going to cut the mustard on my blog lol.)

(I am SO far removed from the subject that I originally started writing about, that I can't even remember WHAT point I was aiming for lol. Time to wind up and head for bed methinks.)

The vibes and impressions we get from other people and how they relate to us, give off signals that at some point, no matter how small, we've grabbed their interest. It's good to make each other feel special. It's good to give ourselves freely in such a way that we expect nothing in return, yet such small gestures can be reciprocated without much thought at all. It's a natural progression of absoluteness.

Let's face it...we're worth it.

Bet you thought I was finished right? No chance, haha.

Your challenge this weekend my friends, should you care to accept for you to pass your own special goodness onto someone else, doesn't matter who it is, a stranger, a loved one, a blogger, it matters not a jot. You can do it at work, on the street, at home, wherever, I don't care. A smile, a compliment, whatever. SHARE your wealth and inner beauty with others. (And don't try telling me you don't have any, I read you all, I already KNOW you've got plenty). Tell us what you did and the reaction you got here in the comments section. I'd love to hear about it.

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