Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stating the Facts

Ok, enough dramatics from me. Fact...children are going to get older and leave home. Fact...parents are going to feel the void and adjust in whatever way suits them best. Fact...everyone will get on with their lives, the sun will come up again tomorrow despite drama, hormones and loss.

It's important to get these things into perspective. I, of course, occasionally let it all get the better of me and do a Scarlett O'Hara, throwing myself dramatically against the nearest staircase.

Besides, he came back to me the following day and the important thing is, he will continue to come home to me. Whether he's living under this roof or not. Fact...I'm his Mum...he loves me...he knows how much I love him...and no amount of land mass or ocean depth will make either of us forget that.

No need to cover your ears...I'm not about to burst out with "Aint No Mountain High Enough".

The other night I was watching an ad on the telly for a woman's only gym.

Me: "I'm thinking about joining up at that gym."

Cam: "Eh? But I can't go to that gym!"

"I didn't think you wanted to go with me."

"Well, it's too late now isn't it? You've obviously got other plans."

"But, you said..."

*holding up hand* No's ok...I understand."

"Oh don't be silly."

*feigning hurt expression* "I mistakenly thought we would share some kind of mother/son bonding experience, but I see how it is now."

*grinning at him*

*raising eyebrows*

"Ah Cameron, you warm the cockles of your mother's heart, you do."


"Cos you're going to be under this roof for a while yet, if you can't even go to the gym without me holding your hand."


Don't know what I was fretting about.
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