Saturday, October 20, 2007


Thought you'd lost me didn't you? Thought I'd run away didn't you?? I know you've been mourning my absence, admit it! lol

I've been slack, I know. I've been doing extra hours at work to cover for a couple of ladies on leave, not to mention getting the exercise required to keep doing the "Travel the Nation" thing. So basically, I've been pretty pooped. As some of you may have noticed, I've been sneaking around reading you, but have not spent as much time here doing that as I'd have liked.

Hell, I haven't even answered my own comments, let alone put comments out there on your blogs myself. Thank you all so much for your comments, I really do appreciate each and every one. I'm getting slower and slower it seems. I certainly get slower when I'm PMSing, and that's what I've been doing this past, be happy I haven't been bitchin' and moanin' on here at y'all ok? Well, I haven't really been bitching about anything, I've not had the energy, so it's all good I guess lol.

In my absence, I see I've been tagged to do the desktop meme, not only by one lovely lady, but two. So I'll leave you with this pic of my desktop. I tend to move the icons around depending on the picture I show...well, once I put up the pic, I get rid of icons to tidy things up, so I can see the pic better.

This was taken last Sunday morning, when Anna, Jaimee and I went for a walk around Oriental Parade. It was as windy as hell, but the day was beautifully sunny and I took the photo with my phone, when Anna and Jaimee were playing around on the beach. It's taken ages to copy the desktop pic because unbeknownest to me, I don't have a graphics programme that I'm aware of...not even Paint! (how is that even possible??) So I emailed my word-document-pasted pic to Anne, who sorted it out for me in a flash. (See all those "doc" tabs in the taskbar? that was me trying to figure it out on my own, pfft)

I know I haven't done it the way I was supposed to, there are certain 'rules' that go along with this meme, and if you're interested in finding out the rest, please visit one of the sites above. I'm just pleased I took part and don't have to hang my head further in shame by NOT doing it lol.

I'll do my best to get round you all this's a long weekend here in New Zealand. Monday is Labour Day, and although I'm still tossing around going up to the orchard at some point, I'm not sure I'll get that far. So hopefully, the least I'll be able to do is get around and do some catching up in Blogland!

Have a lovely weekend! *mwah*
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