Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Huge build up here to the World Cup....lots of cool advertising from the sponsors on the telly...The New Zealand's All Black flags flapping from the windows of lots of patriotic cars driving around the city.

Last Sunday morning 8am New Zealand time...All Blacks played against France in one of the quarter finals. I reckon the majority of kiwis were cooking up french toast for breakfast in anticipation of another expected win.

Half time score? 13-3 to the All Blacks....Full time score? 18-20 to FRANCE. We freakin' LOST!

I have lots to say about the whys etc that we lost, but it won't make a jot of difference will it? It's not like they'll say, "Oh right...Lisa said that the ref was a plonker with some of the calls he made, we better have a rematch if we know what's good for us."

Another Rugby World Cup, come and gone...oh well..only have 4 more years to wait for another go (fuck!).

The nation immediately went into mourning. I continued to drive around with my flag attached to the window because I didn't want to feel disloyal by removing it. Yet I haven't seen another on the road since. (Heathens, the lot of you!)

The boys are due home today, in fact I think they may be landing at Christchurch airport around about now. I hope the supporters that are there to meet them, are welcoming and sympathetic. It can't be easy coming home defeated by a team that really should never have beaten us...the disappointment of a nation weighing heavily upon their shoulders.

My ex-husband was so angry and upset at the end of the game, his girlfriend thought he might end up hitting her, at the rate he was throwing things around. My sister thought my brother-in-law was going to have a stroke by the colour of his face, and the way he was swearing aggressively at the tv screen. And Dan told me later that afternoon he wanted to slit his wrists. And they think women can be dramatic?

I went into Cameron's bedroom, my face showing the misery my heart felt and told him sadly "We lost...we actually France." He rolled over in bed, turning his back to me and yawned, "It's only a game Mum".

Ryan: "Oh well, that sucks, but it's just a game ya know?"
Me: "Look, our country thrives on this game, it's our national sport."
Ryan" "Well, I guess it's time we found a different one then isn't it?"

Sometimes I wonder if these kids actually have any of their parent's genes in them at all!

On a more positive note: England beat Australia...which means the Wallabies are now on their way home too. While I'm full of hearty congratulations for the English team and their unexpected win...I'd rather choke on my own vomit than be a good sport and congratulate the French (my apologies to Michelle's lovely JP for that remark lol).
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