Saturday, October 27, 2007

Less is More

I'm doing a crap job of juggling my life at the moment. I joined the gym a couple of weeks ago...the "Travel the Nation" thing at work has motivated me to get my butt into gear and keep moving in a positive direction. In fact Cameron and I both joined the gym on the same day, which is kinda cool.

Sometimes we go to the gym together. Which is not such a bad thing, except while I'm walking at what I think is a decent pace on the treadmill...he's running on one beside me. Running!...bloody show-off kid. I have tried to get him to come to one of the aerobics classes with me...but he's not having a bar of it. He really can't see the merits of the two of us prancing around in sync, wearing matching outfits. He actually shuddered when I suggested that!...What's wrong with the boy??

We mustn't get all excited about this exercise thing ok? As I told Dan the other day, I DID have a cross trainer in my house this time last year. And we all know what happened to that don't we? (Incidentally, the cross trainer is the one contraption I refuse to get on at the gym, it's dead to me forever, nasty piece of shit machinery.) It could just be the time of year that I get motivated, think my body's made of steel and capable of doing all this stuff to it. It could be that the extra sunshine hours have oozed out all that lovely seratonin to get my arse moving. (I'm not sure "ooze" and "arse" should be used in the same sentence really.) OR it could be a fly-by-nighter idea that will screech to a halt at the first twinge of pain.

But, so far, so good. Except in the blogging stakes. Fitting in gym time has me pushing aside writing time, certainly stuff worth reading anyway. I have LOTS of ideas in my head to write about, and some great one liners to throw up here. But it's usually when I'm nowhere near the PC and by the time I get home I've forgotten them *sigh* (Still, I laugh at them myself at the all is not lost lol.)

So you see? The free time I might have around the shifts I work...I'm fitting in time at the gym...and then if I'm here in the evening and have the time to put words up here, well I'm fucked physically...and not in a way I'd prefer. So I sit in front of the telly, holding my breath and tightening as many muscles as possible for fear I'll end up in a puddle of achy-ness instead.

SO!...I've decided that for me to continue blogging, I'm going to have to shorten my posts some. HEY! There's no need to feel so thrilled at THAT propsect ok? I'm not saying it's going to happen all the time...I'm just saying that for me to keep updating on here?...I'm going to have to cut it down a bit...not ramble as much. Put the damn balloons and streamers away.

AND, I will try and let you know that I've been reading you. I know, YOU know that there are signs of me sneaking about on here keeping abreast of what you lot are doing...but I've been crap at making it more obvious. Don't be battoning down the hatches and installing new alarm gear, if you get an "Oy, I'm watching you" comment, it just may be all I've got the time and energy to say lol. You're lucky(?) I've written this much considering my triceps are, I loathe THAT machine in particular!

Happy Weekend my lovelies! *mwah*
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