Saturday, December 01, 2007

Note to Self:

Always remember to pay more attention to which style of knickers one is wearing before attending the gym. Careful strategic planning is recommended. Do not just grab the first pair, willy nilly, out of the drawer without thinking clearly.

Making the correct underwear choice will ensure that one does not spend the entire 30 minutes on the treadmill wondering how many people there are working out on the row of cross-trainers directly behind one.

Which means one will avoid thinking about how many others are possibly aware that one's undies are riding up one's arse crack.

It will also stop one from wishing that nobody is using above-mentioned cross-trainers, and thus, one will not become obsessed about all the witnesses one could have, of one digging around in one's arse to extract wayward panties.

And for future reference...remember it can be a most uncomfortable experience to use the exercycle immediately after getting off the treadmill.

(When you have a bum as big as mine, g-strings are not a great idea...I prefer to try keeping it all together as much as possible. Those bloody things feel like dental floss I reckon lol.)
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