Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Piece of Cake

On Saturday, after my hair-ripping experience, I was expecting to put up a very short post here.

It was merely going to say:

"Well...THAT hurt like a mother-fucker."

But, I didn't need to...because not only was I too busy admiring my own armpits and running my hands up and down my hairless legs...I was also slapping my sister on the back and telling her what a great job she'd done and how proud I was of her.

My Mum watched for a short time, then she obviously got bored. There was no yelling or crying involved whatsoever...she buggered off to find something more interesting to do.

Lucky I'm not such a sensitive gal...I could have been hurt by her disinterest...perhaps I should have been more entertaining? Although how I was supposed to achieve that lying on my back with my arms in the air is beyond me. (Oy, this was my mother...me being in that position would not appeal to her, so shut ya gobs.)

Anyway, apart from one very brief teeth-gritting moment...it was virtually painless. Call me a sissy for getting so worked up about it last week, I don't care.

I had psyched myself up so much, that I'd been prepared to deal with the nightmare of whatever torture she was going to bestow upon me. In reality, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I'd expected.

I can also imagine now, how easy it would be to get the other bit waxed...you know?...*raises eyebrows*....the other bit? But no, I aint gonna do that regardless of how simple that may be.

So you see...it really can pay to expect the worst...then anything less than that can result in the double whammy of a delightful surprise and tremendous bonus.

Go on...admit it...you were disappointed I wasn't screaming my lungs out. lol
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