Monday, December 03, 2007

Say My Name, Say My Name...

I must mumble sometimes when I answer the phone at work. I'm not aware of it but the patients either have problems hearing, or I'm mumbling. Maybe it happens on Monday mornings more than any other day of the week? I must check that some kinda survey.

Do you know...I will actually sing along with the radio all the way to work on a Monday or Thursday (early shifts), deliberatey to make sure my voice is 'warmed' up and awake?? I kid you not...I really do do that.

Anyway...I answer the phone..."Good Morning, Blah Medical Centre, Lisa speaking."

Those that don't ignore the fact that I've announced myself (or maybe they're not sure because of the mumble?)...will come back with "Oh, hello Liz"...or "Good morning Lesley".

I never correct them...just let them believe my name's something other than it truly is. What does it matter? They're not ringing to be friends with me are they? I've tried various ways of pronouncing "Lisa"...putting more emphasis on the first syllable..inflecting more on the second etc. Makes no difference, they still get it wrong.

This morning after a few false starts and being called Liz or Lesley one too many times...I told my co-worker that perhaps I should use my full name when answering the phone...Melissa. It's not a name that can be easily mistaken for something else right? (Noone else in my life calls me Melissa, but what the hell.)

You know what'll happen don't you? I'll punch the button, announce the surgery, give my full name, and someone will come back with..."Who?...Melissa?...oh, you must be new...What's happened to Lesley??!"
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