Friday, December 21, 2007

Saying It Right

Rushing into the nurse's room, doctor on my heels:

Me: *grabbing nurse and looking back* "haha, I win!"
Doc: "Actually it was you I wanted to nail."
Me: *cough* "You really need to choose your words more carefully."
Doc *gasping* "You've got a filthy mind!"
Me: "I can't help it, can I?!...when you're on your own, you have an inbuilt radar for such things."


Walking into Cameron's bedroom:

"Honey? Are you able to..."

*taking in state of room*

"I wish you'd put those dishes and cups in the dishwasher...and bring your dirty washing out to the laundry please...god, I get so fed up with telling you that. I'm going out shortly, the truck will be here to collect the mini-skip soon, can you tell the driver...*pointing*...are those boxes empty?...chuck em out. Oh my god, what is THAT?"

*pausing for answer*

"Jeez Mum, that was all very A.D.D. of you...go take some medication."
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