Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What Utter Nonsense

You know those people that can get chatty when there are gaps during conversations? They're the people that kinda start talking madly, filling in the pauses by running off at the mouth...polluting the air with a whole lot of anything and nothing...which can sometimes equate to complete rubbish? You know what I mean right?

Sales people love them. A good salesperson will gauge this in their prospect, sit back and let the potential buyer continue on like that...til they've basically sold themselves on whatever product it is. The sale goes through, and the vendor barely moved a muscle. I think they call that "easy money".

I can be one of those people. I readily admit it. I don't always do it and despite enjoying the sound of my own voice, I actually value silence. I'm the mother of two boys...they can be rowdy buggers...so yeah, I LOVE my silence.

But there are definite times that I feel the need to talk non-stop...fill the spaces...and keep filling them til I run out of steam.

Which is what I think I'm doing now. Filling in the silence. My real life silence. Regardless of anything else I'm doing or dealing with, I'm likely to rattle on in here regularly at the moment. Half of what I say could possibly make no sense at all (this is not new to most of you of course)...but it could help fill the void in my heart and hopefully stop the rest of me from wanting something I can't have.

And if I talk long enough and loud enough, and keep doing so? I might even be able to stop myself from noticing and feeling that emptiness. (I didn't say the bullshit started tomorrow did I?)

Kinda sounds good in theory...to me anyway....whether it works in reality remains to be seen. So, I'm just warning you now, I could start going on and On and ON in here, ad.nauseum.

Brace yourself.
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