Saturday, October 27, 2007

Less is More

I'm doing a crap job of juggling my life at the moment. I joined the gym a couple of weeks ago...the "Travel the Nation" thing at work has motivated me to get my butt into gear and keep moving in a positive direction. In fact Cameron and I both joined the gym on the same day, which is kinda cool.

Sometimes we go to the gym together. Which is not such a bad thing, except while I'm walking at what I think is a decent pace on the treadmill...he's running on one beside me. Running!...bloody show-off kid. I have tried to get him to come to one of the aerobics classes with me...but he's not having a bar of it. He really can't see the merits of the two of us prancing around in sync, wearing matching outfits. He actually shuddered when I suggested that!...What's wrong with the boy??

We mustn't get all excited about this exercise thing ok? As I told Dan the other day, I DID have a cross trainer in my house this time last year. And we all know what happened to that don't we? (Incidentally, the cross trainer is the one contraption I refuse to get on at the gym, it's dead to me forever, nasty piece of shit machinery.) It could just be the time of year that I get motivated, think my body's made of steel and capable of doing all this stuff to it. It could be that the extra sunshine hours have oozed out all that lovely seratonin to get my arse moving. (I'm not sure "ooze" and "arse" should be used in the same sentence really.) OR it could be a fly-by-nighter idea that will screech to a halt at the first twinge of pain.

But, so far, so good. Except in the blogging stakes. Fitting in gym time has me pushing aside writing time, certainly stuff worth reading anyway. I have LOTS of ideas in my head to write about, and some great one liners to throw up here. But it's usually when I'm nowhere near the PC and by the time I get home I've forgotten them *sigh* (Still, I laugh at them myself at the all is not lost lol.)

So you see? The free time I might have around the shifts I work...I'm fitting in time at the gym...and then if I'm here in the evening and have the time to put words up here, well I'm fucked physically...and not in a way I'd prefer. So I sit in front of the telly, holding my breath and tightening as many muscles as possible for fear I'll end up in a puddle of achy-ness instead.

SO!...I've decided that for me to continue blogging, I'm going to have to shorten my posts some. HEY! There's no need to feel so thrilled at THAT propsect ok? I'm not saying it's going to happen all the time...I'm just saying that for me to keep updating on here?...I'm going to have to cut it down a bit...not ramble as much. Put the damn balloons and streamers away.

AND, I will try and let you know that I've been reading you. I know, YOU know that there are signs of me sneaking about on here keeping abreast of what you lot are doing...but I've been crap at making it more obvious. Don't be battoning down the hatches and installing new alarm gear, if you get an "Oy, I'm watching you" comment, it just may be all I've got the time and energy to say lol. You're lucky(?) I've written this much considering my triceps are, I loathe THAT machine in particular!

Happy Weekend my lovelies! *mwah*
Saturday, October 20, 2007


Thought you'd lost me didn't you? Thought I'd run away didn't you?? I know you've been mourning my absence, admit it! lol

I've been slack, I know. I've been doing extra hours at work to cover for a couple of ladies on leave, not to mention getting the exercise required to keep doing the "Travel the Nation" thing. So basically, I've been pretty pooped. As some of you may have noticed, I've been sneaking around reading you, but have not spent as much time here doing that as I'd have liked.

Hell, I haven't even answered my own comments, let alone put comments out there on your blogs myself. Thank you all so much for your comments, I really do appreciate each and every one. I'm getting slower and slower it seems. I certainly get slower when I'm PMSing, and that's what I've been doing this past, be happy I haven't been bitchin' and moanin' on here at y'all ok? Well, I haven't really been bitching about anything, I've not had the energy, so it's all good I guess lol.

In my absence, I see I've been tagged to do the desktop meme, not only by one lovely lady, but two. So I'll leave you with this pic of my desktop. I tend to move the icons around depending on the picture I show...well, once I put up the pic, I get rid of icons to tidy things up, so I can see the pic better.

This was taken last Sunday morning, when Anna, Jaimee and I went for a walk around Oriental Parade. It was as windy as hell, but the day was beautifully sunny and I took the photo with my phone, when Anna and Jaimee were playing around on the beach. It's taken ages to copy the desktop pic because unbeknownest to me, I don't have a graphics programme that I'm aware of...not even Paint! (how is that even possible??) So I emailed my word-document-pasted pic to Anne, who sorted it out for me in a flash. (See all those "doc" tabs in the taskbar? that was me trying to figure it out on my own, pfft)

I know I haven't done it the way I was supposed to, there are certain 'rules' that go along with this meme, and if you're interested in finding out the rest, please visit one of the sites above. I'm just pleased I took part and don't have to hang my head further in shame by NOT doing it lol.

I'll do my best to get round you all this's a long weekend here in New Zealand. Monday is Labour Day, and although I'm still tossing around going up to the orchard at some point, I'm not sure I'll get that far. So hopefully, the least I'll be able to do is get around and do some catching up in Blogland!

Have a lovely weekend! *mwah*
Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Huge build up here to the World Cup....lots of cool advertising from the sponsors on the telly...The New Zealand's All Black flags flapping from the windows of lots of patriotic cars driving around the city.

Last Sunday morning 8am New Zealand time...All Blacks played against France in one of the quarter finals. I reckon the majority of kiwis were cooking up french toast for breakfast in anticipation of another expected win.

Half time score? 13-3 to the All Blacks....Full time score? 18-20 to FRANCE. We freakin' LOST!

I have lots to say about the whys etc that we lost, but it won't make a jot of difference will it? It's not like they'll say, "Oh right...Lisa said that the ref was a plonker with some of the calls he made, we better have a rematch if we know what's good for us."

Another Rugby World Cup, come and gone...oh well..only have 4 more years to wait for another go (fuck!).

The nation immediately went into mourning. I continued to drive around with my flag attached to the window because I didn't want to feel disloyal by removing it. Yet I haven't seen another on the road since. (Heathens, the lot of you!)

The boys are due home today, in fact I think they may be landing at Christchurch airport around about now. I hope the supporters that are there to meet them, are welcoming and sympathetic. It can't be easy coming home defeated by a team that really should never have beaten us...the disappointment of a nation weighing heavily upon their shoulders.

My ex-husband was so angry and upset at the end of the game, his girlfriend thought he might end up hitting her, at the rate he was throwing things around. My sister thought my brother-in-law was going to have a stroke by the colour of his face, and the way he was swearing aggressively at the tv screen. And Dan told me later that afternoon he wanted to slit his wrists. And they think women can be dramatic?

I went into Cameron's bedroom, my face showing the misery my heart felt and told him sadly "We lost...we actually France." He rolled over in bed, turning his back to me and yawned, "It's only a game Mum".

Ryan: "Oh well, that sucks, but it's just a game ya know?"
Me: "Look, our country thrives on this game, it's our national sport."
Ryan" "Well, I guess it's time we found a different one then isn't it?"

Sometimes I wonder if these kids actually have any of their parent's genes in them at all!

On a more positive note: England beat Australia...which means the Wallabies are now on their way home too. While I'm full of hearty congratulations for the English team and their unexpected win...I'd rather choke on my own vomit than be a good sport and congratulate the French (my apologies to Michelle's lovely JP for that remark lol).
Friday, October 05, 2007

Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk

A few weeks ago, the practice manger at work signed our medical centre up for "Travel the Nation". If we want to participate we put our name on the list and get walking, running, swimming, cycling etc. 30 minutes exercise on the chart equates to 3 kms and as the kilometres add up, you draw your progress on a map of New Zealand.

I decided this could be just what I need to get my arse moving again. Chuck a bit of competition in the mix, not to mention the possibility of losing face, I signed up. It's only for a month...from 1 October to 2 November...I ask hard can it be? If I go out walking even just for 30 minutes a day, I'll make it to my sister's orchard by, say, next June lol j/k.

Last night I was trying to sort out when I could fit my walk in. Can you believe I was trying to work it around a couple of programmes on the television?? I don't watch a lot of telly these days, but Thursday is one night I make sure I'm parked in front of it. I also needed to do some grocery shopping before we all bloated up with malnutrition.

I walked into the dining room...dressed against the elements....completely covered from head to toe, including scarf, fingerless gloves and the infamous beanie. Cam and his mate, Jansen, were hunched over an open PC unit, tinkering around with it's guts.

Me: "Hey, I've had an idea."
Cam: "Uh oh..."
Me: "I'll walk down to the supermarket, do the shopping and then you can come and pick me up, yeah?"
(I love that Cam's now driving, LOVE it!)
Cam: "Can you not see that I'm busy here Mum?"
Me: "Please honey...It won't take you long to come and get me."
Cam: *tinker* "Yeah, but I'm in the middle of getting this computer up and running for Jansen aren't I?" *tinker*
Me: "Yes I understand that."
Cam: "So you know where I'm coming from then."
Me: "Of course!"...*joining them at table and leaning over to look into PC*... "Can I ask a question?..."
Cam: *tinker, tinker* "Go for it."
Me: "Jansen?...Was just curious about something..."
Jansen: "Yep?"
Me: "Did you actually give birth to Cameron?"
Cam: *stops and throws me one of those looks* "Mum..."
Jansen: "Uh...*choke*"
Me: *placing car keys in front of Cam* "...that's what i thought."

I walked down to the shops, the hardest part was going through the tunnel. Wellington is experiencing gale force winds this week and last night was no exception. Getting to the short tunnel before the town centre was all was getting through the damn thing that was the problem. It was a bloody wind the time I got out the other end I figured if anything I'd had a damn good workout on my arse and thighs lol.

I rang Cam after I finished the shopping and he dutifully showed up, drove me home and helped me carry the groceries up to the house. Ryan came out of his room and constantly got in the way as I was trying to unpack'd think the kid had never seen food before. Just confirmed how much I needed to restock the pantry. lol

After sitting in one position for an hour watching TV, moving wasn't a smooth transition. I untangled myself with a groan.

Me: *stretching* "Oooh, my body is hurting a bit now."
Cam: "We don't need to hear about that Mum."
Me: "Yeah I know, and that's alright, I'm ok really..."
Cam: "Good"
Me: "...besides, it's not half as bad as when I gave birth to you."
Cam: *exasperated sigh*

You do know I'm gonna work that line in as much as possible now don't you? lol