Friday, October 05, 2007

Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk

A few weeks ago, the practice manger at work signed our medical centre up for "Travel the Nation". If we want to participate we put our name on the list and get walking, running, swimming, cycling etc. 30 minutes exercise on the chart equates to 3 kms and as the kilometres add up, you draw your progress on a map of New Zealand.

I decided this could be just what I need to get my arse moving again. Chuck a bit of competition in the mix, not to mention the possibility of losing face, I signed up. It's only for a month...from 1 October to 2 November...I ask hard can it be? If I go out walking even just for 30 minutes a day, I'll make it to my sister's orchard by, say, next June lol j/k.

Last night I was trying to sort out when I could fit my walk in. Can you believe I was trying to work it around a couple of programmes on the television?? I don't watch a lot of telly these days, but Thursday is one night I make sure I'm parked in front of it. I also needed to do some grocery shopping before we all bloated up with malnutrition.

I walked into the dining room...dressed against the elements....completely covered from head to toe, including scarf, fingerless gloves and the infamous beanie. Cam and his mate, Jansen, were hunched over an open PC unit, tinkering around with it's guts.

Me: "Hey, I've had an idea."
Cam: "Uh oh..."
Me: "I'll walk down to the supermarket, do the shopping and then you can come and pick me up, yeah?"
(I love that Cam's now driving, LOVE it!)
Cam: "Can you not see that I'm busy here Mum?"
Me: "Please honey...It won't take you long to come and get me."
Cam: *tinker* "Yeah, but I'm in the middle of getting this computer up and running for Jansen aren't I?" *tinker*
Me: "Yes I understand that."
Cam: "So you know where I'm coming from then."
Me: "Of course!"...*joining them at table and leaning over to look into PC*... "Can I ask a question?..."
Cam: *tinker, tinker* "Go for it."
Me: "Jansen?...Was just curious about something..."
Jansen: "Yep?"
Me: "Did you actually give birth to Cameron?"
Cam: *stops and throws me one of those looks* "Mum..."
Jansen: "Uh...*choke*"
Me: *placing car keys in front of Cam* "...that's what i thought."

I walked down to the shops, the hardest part was going through the tunnel. Wellington is experiencing gale force winds this week and last night was no exception. Getting to the short tunnel before the town centre was all was getting through the damn thing that was the problem. It was a bloody wind the time I got out the other end I figured if anything I'd had a damn good workout on my arse and thighs lol.

I rang Cam after I finished the shopping and he dutifully showed up, drove me home and helped me carry the groceries up to the house. Ryan came out of his room and constantly got in the way as I was trying to unpack'd think the kid had never seen food before. Just confirmed how much I needed to restock the pantry. lol

After sitting in one position for an hour watching TV, moving wasn't a smooth transition. I untangled myself with a groan.

Me: *stretching* "Oooh, my body is hurting a bit now."
Cam: "We don't need to hear about that Mum."
Me: "Yeah I know, and that's alright, I'm ok really..."
Cam: "Good"
Me: "...besides, it's not half as bad as when I gave birth to you."
Cam: *exasperated sigh*

You do know I'm gonna work that line in as much as possible now don't you? lol
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