Friday, January 11, 2008

Mind Games

You know you've been distracted when...

- you drive 50 yards down the street and it's the 3 year old passenger beside you that brings to your attention she's not buckled in - "Oh! My seatbelt Aunty Lisa!";

- you immediately have to apologise and then have a conversation about 'naughty' words and how bad Aunty Lisa is, all.the.way.home, because you just said "Fuck!" in front of said 3 year old without thinking;

- the following day, you jump in the car, put it in gear and instantly move in reverse coming within a hair's breadth of the garage wall behind you;

- you yell at the children for not putting their shoes away...take a seat at the computer, look down and count five pairs that belong to your own feet;

- you discover you're completely out of blood pressure medication and it's the last thing you should be without right now;

- you have to ring work in the morning to ask what time you're expected to be there that day;

- you've driven halfway down the street, only to turn around and head back home to replace your slippers with footwear more suitable to work in;

- stacking the dishwasher, you go to jam a plate in the bottom rack, next to the cutlery and thrust a fork tine up the inside of your thumbnail instead.

BUT... you do feel good thinking you could be getting your focus back when...

- you go to the local pharmacy, purchase a bottle of magic "Rescue Remedy" potion to combat stress levels. Then you notice... *hands covering face with a deep sigh* haven't brushed your hair yet, you're still wearing your pyjama top, there's a different earring in each ear and the wisp of cottonwool stuck to your cheek is floating about gracefully with every move you make.



Time to do a lot of deep breathing and melodious humming I suspect.
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