Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Guts of It


*tap, tap, tap*

"Err, is this thing on?"

*thonk, thonk, thonk!*

*deepens voice* "Charlie, Romeo, Alpha, Papa...are you receiving me?...over"

*rolls eyes*

Yeah....I know....sorry.

Soooo....I stopped smoking two months ago. Exactly two months ago today actually, 23rd of January. What possessed me to stop smoking and blogging in the same week is beyond me...but it happened anyway, and despite some ups and downs emotionally, we managed to ride it out.

The kids didn't even notice I'd stopped until I pointed it out to them 3 days after the fact...and here's me hoping I was raising a couple of observant and attentive young men. *sigh* Saying that, when I did approach them, asking "Have you noticed anything different about me the last few days??", they both suddenly took great interest in my hair. *snort*

I also took some time out from the adult male variety, trying to give myself some space to think (like I needed any more freakin' time dwelling on all that). Anyway, without going into detail I'll just say that all is now as it should be. It's gotta count for something if we still refuse to let go considering some of the complications we've been dealing with of late. But...he's happy, I'm happy, and so far the rest of the damn world looks happy, not to mention bloody marvelous, as far as we're concerned (with a couple of exceptions). The angels can breathe a sigh of relief and break into chorus again. Hallelujah!

Cameron started university 4 weeks ago. He's coming home pretty knackered at the end of each day, but seems to be enjoying his studies thus far. He's doing a double degree, triple major and due to lack of hours in the day, is no longer working part-time. I don't believe I got this right the first time I put it up on here, but I've got it written down now ha ha...he's studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Sciences....and a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, majoring in both Management and International Business.

Ryan starts a 15 week course involving computer graphics and web design on the 1st of April. This course will hopefully give him some idea whether he'd like to go on further, working towards a Diploma in either subject, or both. Two days after beginning this course, he'll turn 17 years old. Excuse the cliche, but Oh.My.God, where did the time go?? This coming wednesday he is finally going to be working again. He has a part time job at the local service station.

I've obviously not been spending much time online at all. I sincerely apologise for not responding to emails (you wouldn't believe how many drafts I started). I found myself struggling to keep up with all the goings on, let alone trying to put it into words and update anyone not directly involved. I know that you will understand where I'm coming from with this, but it's still rude of me not to reply and at least let you know I'm doing ok. Please know that I have been wondering about you too, and hoping you are doing well in your part of the world. Goosey, you especially have been in my thoughts.

I will elaborate on some of the above as time goes on, but think that's enough for the moment. I actually could be ready to start writing on here regularly again. Dunno yet. What I do know, is that I've missed doing something with my hands all this time anyway lol.

Over and out...for now.
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