Thursday, May 29, 2008

Because I Can...

Anna came to see her GP the other night, Jason and Jaimee accompanying her.

Jaimee (4) came around the back of the reception desk and sitting on my knee pointed to my telephone earpiece/mic.

Jaimee: "What's that?"

Me: "Oh, this is my secret microphone to the boss."

Jaimee: "Oh. But who's the boss of you, Aunty Lisa?"

I watched her eyes widen as I held the micophone closer to my mouth and whispered:

Me: "Hello?...God?...Are you there God?"

(Got myself a slap from her mum for that one lol)


Occasionally the doctors are given gifts of thanks from their patients. Dr R has had a box of chocolates sitting in his tray since last Friday.

While I was messing about with the doctors mail this morning, one of the nurses commented:

Nurse: "He's had those chocolates there for almost a week now."

Me: "And you're bringing this to my attention because...?"

Nurse: "Because I feel like eating chocolate today, that's why lol"

Me: "Oh...right."

Taking the box from his tray, and placing it on the screen of the photocopier, I pressed the button.

Nurse: "What are you doing?!"

Me: "If he's not going to take them home or at least open them, we're going to confiscate them."

Sticking a post-it note to the copy, I wrote..."We just couldn't wait any longer."...and put it in his tray.
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