Saturday, June 07, 2008

Filling the Gaps, Part 2

It's probably best to let you know from the start that I've been drinking. Not much...actually I'm only on my second bourbon, but anyone that knows me well enough, will nod their head and comment that I'm quite likely to be half-pissed.

Bingo...that's me right now haha.

Now to get on with the rest of my gap filling stuff. Once I've done filling the holes, I may feel I'm able to blog 'normally', whatever the hell that is these days. But hey, who cares? Because I'd like to be able to write what I'm upto and to my regular readers some of it is not going to make sense if I carry on about this. That and the other thing, which will not gel mentally/chronologically with what's been written already. Afterall, I do know that y'all have been wondering, needing to know even. I am, if nothing else, trying to be good host and making an effort to keep you abreast of my life. Let's face it, y'all are sitting onn the edge of your seats (I'm half-pissed remember? just humour me, k?).

The cruncher came when Dan finally moved out of the house. Yeah, that'd do it right? (obviously *snort*). Finally, the man I truly wanted was available. He moved out in February, and on Valentines Day flew to Wellington to spend a couple of hours with me...just a couple...we had brunch along the parade (and a short, frustrating grope in the car...well?? you want the truth or not!?) That pretty much did it for me (seeing him that is, not the groping, although it helped, woo hoo). As you may remember, I spoke with Neil not long after that, another downer of a conversation with him, blah blah blah, ended that not so nicely, but end it I finally did. As the man has said, he doesn't want to hear from me again, not once, not ever.

Dan flew up again mid-March, on a different level. This is the time I mentioned earlier, where he was here for 5 days straight. Interesting visit that one. Having him around 24/7 was quite an adjustment for me. Well not a HUGE adjustment, but one all the same. When he drove the car, he poked around changing things (ok, only ONE thing, but it was MY car was it not?)...he got in the way in the kitchen (well, truthfully, it was refreshing to be sharing my kitchen space with someone, the kids barely ever get in the way in the kitchen lol)...but he was there, and I wasn't used to having another body so close, so often. And the bed...he was in the bed whenever I was in the is one supposed to fart with any kind of satisfaction, when there's always someone there, like, listening ya know? Sheesh.

Anyway, that was back then, and it took me a nano-second to realise I actually wanted to have him around getting in the way, enjoyed him even (way hey, yep , I sure did enjoy him, phoar). To be honest, besides getting a little 'foot stampy' about my territory, it wasn't much hardship having him closeby. The toughest part is saying goodbye at the airport. Boo, it's the stinky bit, for sure, for sure.

The following month I flew south. No children around, just the two of us, no holds barred....well, I got myself a urinary tract infection for my all sexual troubles, didn't I?. *sigh* Eventually ended up ringing work and asking them to send me a prescription for antibiotics. If I could've got rid of it without getting hold of them, you can believe I would've done it. Certainly embarrassing when I heard the snigger of my co-worker on the other end of the phone. But bless them to the Garden of Eden and back, they faxed a script to the nearby pharmacy and the following week I walked back into work to front a couple of chesire cats at the reception desk.

One of my co-workers (after shaking her finger at me like a school ma'am) said "You know how to stop that from happening right? You have to go to the toilet straight afterwards, that's the best solution I've found." While processing the fact that Annette had obviously had some fabulous frantic monkey sex...enough to warrant an infection, I figured it made sense.

The mother-advising-her-offspring expression disappeared from her features when I asked....

"Oh wait. Do I have to get out of bed first?"


Do you think I should stop drinking now or what? lol
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