Friday, June 20, 2008

This, That and the Other

Just a quick catch up on some of what I've been doing lately. (Please excuse the quality of the photos, I've taken them with my phone.)

I flew down south on a whim a couple of weeks may remember that...I blogged from Dan's while I was on my second drink. It snowed while I was there! This was very exciting for me. I've never been in the snow before. Course for Dan it was just a damn nuisance and while I was busy outside taking a few photos, he was busy inside telling me to "Close the bloody door!" lol. (He did however come out eventually, but only to make a snowball and then pose for a photo that I could send to Jaimee.)

I made scones...and they were good. True story! They really WERE good! I had to use scone mix though....I've discovered it's the only way I can get decent scones. Honest to God, I've tried just about every other way/recipe, and this is it. Buy scone mix from supermarket, add water. Wa la!

I helped Anna and Jason pack up house. They're moving this weekend to a larger/better house...AND the more exciting news is...they're pregnant! AND even more exciting for ME, I'm godmother to this new baby. Cool huh? So, theoretically, WE'RE pregnant, woo hoo! As of today, 9 and a half weeks, so this could feel like the longest pregnancy in history lol. Here's a pic of Jaimee, who helpfully packed herself into the cat's cage last night.

Last month when Dan was up, the two of them baked a cake. This is Jaimee cleaning up after Dan.

This is Dan cleaning up Jaimee.

And this is after Aunty Lisa has cleaned Jaimee properly...including a discussion about not wanting to have hair washed or even wet (and yes I do look this gorgeous when I'm wearing that shower's the only reason I use it).

Cameron's on a break after just finishing his first set of uni exams. I think he goes back in a couple of weeks time. In the meantime he's back working for Dad for some pocket money.

Ryan's course only has about 4 weeks left before he's finished for the year. I believe he's had a decent enough taste of this to know now whether he'd like to continue on this path...I haven't yet had the chat with him to find out if he wants to enrol fully next year. For the time being I think he's going to be working at the service station almost full time until that decision is made. It's very difficult to know anything for certain when it comes to Ryan. I don't get a lot of information from him full stop. So like I have for the last few years with this boy, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and keep my eyes open in case I miss something.

This is my sanctuary, the orchard.

I haven't been up there for a while and probably won't too soon due to my tenants moving out downstairs recently. I'm in the process of getting some quotes to have the carpet replaced before I advertise. I'm hoping the carpet people can do that before the end of next week. Obviously I count on the income...and the lack of extra funds...which would help put petrol in my car at the exorbitant price it not getting me to the orchard in a hurry. It all just means I'll enjoy my time even more when I DO get up there lol.

I think I'm going to have to do a month where I post every know, like one of those things that Jo did in November? Post every single day regardless of what it is or what I'm doing. I'm gonna try that. I think I'll go for July. What do you reckon? Worth a shot anyway. I used to be able to do it without even thinking much at all (post daily that is). I need something to get me back into the habit of regularly blogging. Anyway, July it is. *fingers crossed*

It's now Friday night here in New Zealand so I will wish you an early happy weekend. Have fun, I hope I do too! *mwah*
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