Saturday, July 05, 2008

All Washed Out

Today has not worked out the way I wanted it to, but I may have achieved something, so it can't be all bad. A couple of minutes ago I panicked when I realised we're on day 5 and I had to post. I know.

I may have found a couple of tenants. Certainly they're keen. They're from Sri Lanka and only been in New Zealand for a couple of months. Big brother's been here for 12 years and has taken them under his wing and doing the rounds trying to find somewhere suitable for them to live now. He's very keen on my flat, so that's good. I like the whole family oriented shows a strong support network for them. I'll make a decision tomorrow (not that I have many options!), but I feel that they're the ones I'll probably go with at this time.

My priority is sorting out the laundry situation and it's hole in the wall. Today I've spent a fair bit of time running around looking at supertubs and eurotubs. I am so over anything to do with laundry! I'll go back in the morning to buy one, with Ryan in tow to help me. I may have even found a solution to removing those stubborn screws from the bed, thanks to a knowledgeable and very helpful man at the hardware store.

The day has completely gotten away on me. I feel emotionally drained and was looking forward to a night at home relaxing. Unfortunately I'm going to have several teenage boys turn up in less than 2 hours, which will drive me to my bedroom. Cameron is taking advantage of us not having tenants downstairs, so him and his mates won't need to concern themselves with making too much noise. There's noone there to disturb...yet.

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