Monday, July 07, 2008

Flat Out

Haven't heard from the Sri Lankan people, so I have no idea whether they're still interested or not. They came back through again yesterday afternoon for another look, so I figured they were at least seriously considering it.

The new tub has been installed, as has a new kitchen sink mixer, and the only thing left now is the hole in the wall. That won't be repaired until it's dried out point in putting up fresh gibboard against damp frame. For the time being, it looks ugly, but the laundry area is serviceable, and that's more important. Unless I can get the handyman to fix it while I'm down south, it can wait til I'm back. It won't be properly dry until this coming weekend anyway.

If these people actually do want to move in this week (that's a big IF at this stage), then he can do it while I'm away. I'm very over the whole thing. In fact, I'm in a very "Can't be fucked" kinda mood about it now. Whatever happens, happens. I'm passed caring. If I don't sort it beforehand, I'm not going to sweat it, I'll just re-advertise when I get back from Dan's next week. Simple. No use in getting wound up about something I can't control. Taken me a while to remember that lol.

Off to bed to keep warm and read my book. It's bad enough sometimes feeling like an old woman, let alone acting like one too. Saving grace may be dementia lol.
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