Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Getting Laid

I had 3 couples lined up to view the property before 1.30 today and have had to postpone them because the carpet layer's decided to do the carpet today. Can't help that, the carpet needs to be laid.

Half the wall is now missing, there is insulation and broken pieces of gib board (drywall, sheetrock, whatever you call it in your country) all over the kitchen floor, and it's pissing down with rain and I still can't see where the water's coming in *sigh*

The problem with waiting for friends to do maintenance, is that they generally already have a full time job, as is the case with Jas. Which of course means, I have to wait until he has time to fit me in. It's the reality of the situation but frustrating all the same. I've only got ants in my pants because I'm working on the deadline of 10 July lol.

I've had 732 hits on my online advert and 12 email enquries. Considering I only put it up yesterday afternoon, that's not so bad. I've no idea really, I've never advertised for tenants this way before.


Just went downstairs to clear up the mess that Jason left behind. Carpet layer is present and accounted for, madly rolling out underlay. And I mean madly...he's kinda like the Energizer bunny. He talks non-stop. Anyway, I'm back up here now cos he came out with "So? How's that cuppa coming along? I haven't had one this morning." The man's saving me money, he can have as many cuppas as he wants lol.

Possibly he's trying to get rid of me because I'm watching what he's doing with such interest. I can't wait to see the outcome. I have to admit it's easier on the ears staying up here. He's got "The Rock" radio station playing full blast. Which is probably the reason he talks so bloody loudly...half deaf lol.

Two days into July, 2 posts. Woo hoo!

July Shmuly. Piece of cake. (Watch this space, egg meeting face could be in the future! haha)
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