Friday, July 25, 2008

Here We Go Again...

Ok, I'm doing it again.

Stopping smoking that is.

Smoked my last one a couple of hours ago.

Now have a patch stuck to my back.

Cameron said he will give me 15 days of support...and it will only continue past that point if I manage 15 days with good behaviour.

Me...not smoking...having to be good all the time.


I'll do my best to keep the whinging and mood swings to a minimum as much as possible in here.

I have to do this. I managed to go almost 4 months with only 2 cigarettes earlier this year. Started back kinda hesitantly - 1 a week, 1 every couple of days, etc etc...then moved onto the full blown smoking smoker. I'm not smoking to the same extent back before then...but I have obviously been smoking nonetheless.

Besides the obvious health benefits...I'm now a lot more aware of how I smell. I'm almost paranoid at the smell on my clothes and in my hair. You can't get away from it you know? You could change your clothes and shave your head after every cigarette...and the damn smell would just seep outta ya pores anyway.

My best mate's got the right idea...she stopped around 14 months ago...and has never had a puff since. From what she's told me, she'd still like to occasionally...but is scared that if she does....she could find herself straight back into it.

Anyway, just warning you...I'm having another go. There's probably no need to warn you's going to go very smoothly this time around.

Well, for the first 15 days anyway! haha
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