Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's Here!

The 1st of July that is. I did say I would attempt to post every day this month, so here goes.

Once again, I'm in the process of letting out my flat downstairs. The previous tenants have been gone 2 weeks, and I'm finally putting down new carpet throughout. I've had quotes from 3 different firms, one in particular stood out for professionalism well above the others, but in the end I've decided to buy the carpet seperately and get in a carpet layer independently. I've saved myself over $700 doing it this way, so I can't be unhappy with that now can I?

The carpet's going down this week (hopefully, the trader I bought it off is going away tomorrow and the carpet layer hasn't been in touch with him as of last night). Yesterday I advertised online and so far I've received 5 emails from interested parties. Not a bad start. I put up several photos of the place after rushing downstairs to take pictures while the sun was shining....had to try and get it snapped from it's best side you know? lol

During this messing about to see what needs fixing, I asked Jason to come and deal to the laundry tap which continually drips. He dutifully turned up and after poking around a bit, said "You know, I think there's water coming from inside the wall"....he pressed against the wall to feel for dampness....and put his hand straight through it. Oops. Guess he was right.

So we need to find out where the leak is coming from, and repair the large hole that's now showing off the wall frame. And I really want to get all this done and dusted and rented out before the 10th of July, because that's when I fly down to visit Dan for a week. I'm not sure it's going to be possible, but you can bet I'll be trying bloody hard to make it happen! The last thing I want to do is leave my kids to deal with tenants moving in and any further queries that come about.

Inspire me people, I need subject matter. You'll see that pretty damn quickly as the month goes rolling by and you find yourselves reading some blatantly boring posts. Lots of short sharp posts or long winded ones I suspect. I only said I'd post every day...I didn't say they were going to be worth reading did I? lol

My hands are cold, I need a shower, the housework needs doing and I better bugger off here and start moving before I hit the road for work this afternoon. Have a great day/night!
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