Friday, October 03, 2008

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow....

It's Dans birthday today, hence me flying down last night. So far this year the habit seems to have been that we're either flying up or down the country in the middle of each month.  But a birthday warrants an earlier visit in my here I am! This of course will likely mean, I shall be spending the day carrying out his every wish and command...I am, if nothing else, here to ensure love, laughter, and fulfillment of his every possible need/want. Once these 24 hours are up, I will be forcing allowing him to reciprocate his gratitude on every level imaginable. Yes indeedy, I shall certainly permit that...I'm that generous...honestly, I was born that way, tis a gift.

Last Monday afternoon, when I picked Jaimee up from daycare, we talked about her drawing a picture for Dan for his birthday. Lots of colours, flowers, stars, the occasional disjointed know the type, no necks, triangle bodies for girls (that'd be dresses of course), hair that looks like it only grows from the sides of your head, etc...pretty much typical for a 4 year old I would think.   She set to work with enthusiasm and great concentration.

The pregnant cat(?!) was a bit of a surprise, and while she beamed at me waiting for a response, I had no choice but to heartily praise it's beauty and gush how clever she was.

In a totally biased way of course, I think she's pretty switched on when it comes to her letters.  After writing "To Dan" she asked me "How does Happy Birthday go?"  I spelled it out, and she wrote each letter in a different colour. Cute. In amongst the rest of the pictures, wherever she thought they would fit, she wrote her name, mine, and his again.

Jaimee: "Oh, wait."
*draws the number 4 next to her name*
Jaimee: "How many are you?"
Me: "Er, forty-three"
*draws the number 43 alongside my name*
Jaimee: "How many is Dan?"
Me: "Dan will be 49 on Friday"

She wrote the number 49 under his name, and looked at it for a couple of seconds giving it some thought. Turning to me, her eyes as large as saucers, she said:

"Oh my gosh....that is so many!

Happy Birthday SugarLips *smooch*
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