Thursday, October 23, 2008

This and That

I dropped Ryan off at the airport this afternoon.  He's now in Auckland for the weekend and more, coming home Tuesday night.  Whilst Auckland is not the capital of New Zealand, it is the biggest city, and I can't help but feel apprehensive about him getting lost or harmed while he's up there.  I know he's going to be fine, he's good at using his initiative, and as long as he doesn't lose his cellphone again, I'll be able to hound him with phone calls if I feel the need. (I'm going to try really hard not to harrass him...if I do, I  know the kinda response I'll get.)

Today work was so busy the hours flew by.  Unfortunately the patients were grumpy and impatient, which only makes for a frustrating and fraught time for all that have to deal with them.  Isn't it funny how you can have several lovely people make your day seem brighter, yet one lousy grump can instantly smother that sun for the rest of the day?  Doesn't seem logical really, but it happens sometimes...I guess that can have more to do with our attitude and how we're feeling on that given day just as much as theirs.

After my stinky morning shift, and then releasing my youngest into the wild for 5 days, I topped my day off with a cervical know, just because I didn't feel I'd had enough to deal with in one day.  Apparently my vijayjay is looking pretty fabulous, all is as it should be.  The nurse asked me if I'd ever seen a cervix before (I mean really...when on earth would I have had the chance to do that??  My body has some flexibility but christ it ain't that good.)  Anyway she goes on to describe it.  Did you know that it looks just like the tip of a penis?  True story!  It has the same err consistency as your nose apparently. Right, nuff of that.  I'm happy that's one thing I can cross off my "shoulda done it ages ago and finally got round to" list.  Tis a lengthy one *sigh*

While Ryan's away I've been thinking about painting his bedroom.  It needs it so badly.  This painting thought only came to me about 2 hours ago.  When I voiced it to Cameron he said "Eh?  But my bedroom needs it more than his does!"  I suggested that he sleep in Ryan's room for the next few days, we clear out his room, and paint that instead.  He seemed happy with that but came up with several reasons about why he may not be able to help due to his next exam being on Tuesday. (I figure, that if I/we - ok, more likely, I - work fast enough, I may even be able to get both done over the next few days.)

Sometimes (in fact lots of times), I don't like voicing these kinds of thoughts of mine....if I actually say them out loud and don't follow through, then I feel tremendously disappointed with myself.  So, let's pretend I didn't mention the painting thing at all and if I do paint this weekend, it'll be a lovely surprise, and I'll shout you all scones and cups of tea to celebrate k?  Course, tomorrow morning I could wake up and decide it was a completely ludicrous idea, haha.
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