Wednesday, November 05, 2008

All Washed Out

I am SO tired of laundry! It's another one of those jobs that is never ending. Furthermore, I really should not complain about something that I know needs to be done and I know will always need to be done. Pointless. Unless of course I choose to never wash my clothes (or the boys for that matter) and we all go around smelling of that yummy stale odour...not.

Powers and secrets?...*snort*...whatever.

And should the kids ever do their own laundry...well, chances are the moment I find out, I'm gonna end up looking like this.

All that's missing is the gaping mouth as it hits the floor.

(Oh come on, give me a break, I'm trying aint I? Just think of what else could end up here...afterall, we are only on the 5th day lol.)
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