Monday, November 17, 2008

But Wait...There's More!

Is it my imagination or are the word verification "words" getting easier to deal with? There once was a time I'd have to type the damn group of letters about three times to get it right...these days they're practically words. Not necessarily real words, but a group of letters that you can at least pronounce even if you do sound like a plonker pronouncing them.

The last few times I've commented on someone else's blog (because it would really be the height of narcissism to keep doing that on my own)...I've had "leele" and "foose", throw in a "stizesse" and even a "bmaac" is practically friendly on the mouth and ear. They've changed something haven't they? They must've done it when I was AWOL a while back and not watching things so closely.

And another thing...have you noticed the "following" thing? I mean, I used to rely on to keep me up to date with what you lot were doing and saying. Blogrolling seems to be having some kind of tantrum at the moment, so it's not as reliable as it was (I sympathise with them, really I do, it appears they're having major probs). The biggest shame about this for me, is that I can't add the extra blogs I've been reading to my sidebar.

Well I could if I was gonna be bothered typing things out in full again...more to the point, if I remember how to get amongst my template and do it. *shudder*   BUT...then I noticed the "Add" icon on the dashboard. I've added you all to it...blogspot waved it's magic wand...voila!...and now I only need go into the dashboard and it shows me when you've updated, with a link to that particular post. Man I love technology.

Unfortunately, private blogs don't do RSS feeds (goodness, what terrible snobs) those ones I still have to go look at, but that's hardly an issue, my mouse still works, as does my finger, besides you're worth it.  AND, it also says on my dashboard how many people are following me! my, two...TWO! My grateful thanks to Gary and PBS for making me feel loved...what happened to the rest of you?? lol

And you know what else? You can follow someone's blog either publicly or anonymously. That's right, like a hidden camera, the blog owner isn't even aware you're keeping tabs on them. How spooky and big brother-like is that? I believe it also lists on your profile which blogs you follow, which is cool. Check my profile thingy out and see. If you're not on the list it could be because you're a private blog. If you're not private and not on the list, it could be I was foolish enough not to add you. Please don't take it personally, I have had a fair bit on my mind recently. But even so, make sure I'm aware if you're not there, give me a slap, I'll bow and scrape, and then add ya, no sweat.

Anyway, these two particular features have been making my life a little easier of thank you's much appreciated that you continue to fine tune your lovely self!
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