Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Almost There

Not much time today. Going out to get a half leg and under arm shortly (God, why does hair have to grow back all the time??).

Haven't heard from the loss adjuster about the room downstairs as yet. That's bugging the shit out of me. The insurers knew I was going away tonight and told me they'd get someone here beforehand.

I'd rather be the one having to deal with this, than lump it on Anna (see pic - Anna's body, baby-to-be Payten, and of course the cheeky Jaimee)...who now has all the information she needs, including the various phone numbers.

If that brother stresses her out in any way I'll tear his head off (ok, I won't, but I'll do something equally nasty.)

I have to pack yet, I'm working until 8pm tonight and flying out at 9.15pm (all going well and I make it to the airport in time haha, let's not tempt fate by mentioning that. The doctor's been told she HAS to run to time tonight lol.)

Have a good day/night and I'll catch you from the south island tomorrow!

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