Friday, November 21, 2008

A Good Steal

It's midday and I'm being very quiet.

I know that sounds unusual for me, but I really can do it you know.

Dan's been asleep since about 6am...pretty good for him, he's a bit hopeless on the sleeping stakes. I suspect after 7 nights of doing this shift he's exhausted. Poor lamb...(altogether now...."Awwwwwwww").

Did the washing and ran out of is that possible? There's two of them living here, do they take turns at hanging out their washing? Anyway, I took some money off his bedside drawers, bought some pegs, and a couple of other important things *pushes new cellphone hastily in pocket* just kidding.

So, so far today, I've stolen his money, stolen his truck (bloody hell, I was magnificent driving that hulking damn thing haha so proud *beam*) and been tiptoeing around the house so as not to wake him. Like silently ninja-ing off into the night...but it's light...and I'm not really that good at doing the silent thing.

Don't matter anyway, the man would sleep through anything short of a sonic boom when he sleeps like that. I could dance naked around the bedroom singing the Hallelujah Chorus at the top of my lungs and he wouldn't notice. I KNOW! Hard yakka not to notice me I can tell ya.

But anyway, I'm about to naff off with the vee-hi-kill again and find a mall (oh bliss heh), and someone to give me a pedicure (once again with the bliss thing).

Ta rah.
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