Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heading for the Home Straight

I'm sitting here trying to come up with something to blog this evening. Only 4 more posts to go...that's including this one. I'm struggling for subject matter...well, more that I'm tired and can't be bothered trying to be witty lol.

A few positive things after yesterday's moan. It didn't rain, so the washing DID get dry. I worked until 8.45pm last night, so sent Cam a text message earlier asking him to get the washing in as soon as he was home. His response? "You are a mean person."

Just for getting the washing in? Sheesh...that kid's gonna get a shock when he's out there on his own next year. I told him that one day he'll answer the phone and all he'll hear is me laughing at him. lol

The insurance loss adjuster finally turned up this afternoon, he reckons the room downstairs will be liveable again early next week, thank God.

My colleague's son has been improving really well, he's out of hospital now, and getting better ever day so I don't have to work tomorrow afterall. Next week may be another story, probably changing shifts around to accommodate for her absence on different days until he's back at school, but that's no sweat.

Cameron's just flown up to Auckland to attend the office christmas party. The company he works for has their Head Office based in Auckland. Cam's staying at a backpackers hostel for a couple of nights. That thought makes me a little nervous and I had to stop myself from shoving a can of pepper spray in his luggage, but hey, he's gotta step out on his own at some point *sigh*

And that's about all I've the time and inclination for this minute. I'm knackered and needing to get to bed, got bugger all sleep last night with all the moaning. It's pretty draining stuff ya know lol
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