Friday, November 07, 2008

It's a Kinda Magic

My godson, Liam (8 years old) went into hospital at 7.30 this morning for surgery. They were inserting grommets in his ears (where else do they put 'em?) and removing his adnoids. HUGE adnoids he had. Not anymore. This is what he looked like just before they wheeled him into theatre.

Cute huh? He looks very serious, but that has more to do with what was happening on the PSP, as opposed to what was about to happen. His mother (my best mate Fi) realised she was going to need something to keep him distracted this morning while they waited, and sent out an urgent text message to her friends/family to find someone with a PSP. Big brother Sam came up with the goods at 7am. That little black box kept Liam entertained beautifully.

Once I knew he was all done and dusted and I'd sat around waiting for a while, I decided it was probably best to come home and check back in with him later. He was only supposed to go in for the morning, home by 10.30am they reckoned, but due to the hugely oozing adnoid issue, the surgeon decided to keep him overnight and send home tomorrow instead. ("Oozing" is apparently a nice word for bleeding, and here was me thinking all sorts of pale yellow pus stuff, but no, I was wrong a-bloody-gain).

So I came home around 1pm feeling a bit hungry and walked into the glorious aroma of garlic, soy sauce, seasame oil etc. Lovely mix of smelly goodness. Cameron had obviously followed through with his plan to mess about in the kitchen and take a cooked lunch to work. In other words, no scrummy food for me...just smell. Oh well, less calories in that (or so they say...I swear to you I've tried to smell a photo of some elaborate dessert online and have gained 10 pounds in the process...besides what do they really know anyway??)

Here's what Cam left me. Of course, when he gets home from work he's going to tell me he had every intention of cleaning up after himself but he would've been late for work. Story of his life.

I ate lunch (salmon sandwich, apple) and spoke to Dan on Skype for a short while. Unfortunately during a game of backgammon that was shaping up to be a good arse kicking (against him, not me...I dare you to say differently), the weather utterly shat it's undies and my computer power surged. I was robbed!

Right, I'm off to play with micodermabrasion cream and come back looking like Halle Berry. Don't wait up for me, it's gonna take some time. Ciao!
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