Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's THAT Big??

I'll confess I had a slow start to my morning. This was due to the 5 bourbon and cokes I downed last night. In my defence...they went down really well and kept going that way...and it's not like I had anywhere to it was all good. I didn't have a hangover this a.m., however, as mentioned earlier, I was moving slower than usual.

We went to the Riccarton Market today. Totally enjoyed that. Bought myself what I think is a fabulous hat...mainly because it actually fits my head. MY head!

Thanks to my Dad, I have a rather large's a polynesian thing I think. Commonly referred to as "Boonga" syndrome. Ok, that's just my take on it, but whenever anything on me is bigger than usual European standards, I blame my Boonga roots.

Boonga affectionate term for polynesian, you understand. Anyone that's met me in person will notice immediately that I am a Boonga, through and through. Wide feet: check. Hula hips: check. Large head: check. Wide smile: check (unless I get pissed off, then frowny face: check CHECK check).

Back to my remarkable new sun hat. Not only does it fit my head, it is reversible, so I have two hats in one. Black or white. Brilliant!

To avoid being mistaken for an aged lawn bowler, I imagine I shall be wearing the black side more often.

Dan suggested earlier that I put it on, he'd take a pic and I could post it. That woulda been ok if he wasn't already asleep on the bed beside me...yes, I'm aware of the time lol.

See you tomorrow :)
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