Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just Every Day Life

Haven't seen Miss Jaimee for a while, so I must do something about that this weekend. But then I also haven't heard from her, so I'm wondering if they're either away or just been full on busy with life like the rest of us. It's another beautiful day here in Wellington, bit breezy, but that's makes it the perfect washing day.

Got called downstairs to the tenants this morning...that's not unusual, it's rent day and I usually have to go down to them to get it. They never come up here. I heard a few days ago that the husband had to go to the doctor earlier this week because of a chill he apparently got in his back due to the leaky roof. I don't know if that's what actually caused it, but I really am not going to bother investigating it further. They feel that was the cause, so I deducted $70 off the rent for the doctor's visit, and everyone seems happy. They didn't ask for it, but it made me feel slightly better for all the crap they've had to go through since moving in!

The builder rang yesterday to say he would be in first thing Monday morning to replace the ceiling and skirting boards in the back bedroom. Then we can move their bed back in there for the time being. The plasterer/painter may not make it before Christmas, but as long as they can use that room again, they'll be happy...I'll be happy. The rent won't go back to it's full amount again until the room is complete, which may be after the New Year.

I mustn't forget to collect Cameron from the airport this afternoon. He flies in around 5.15pm and I'm looking forward to hearing how his trip went. I spoke to him yesterday morning, he's been staying in a 4 bunk room at a hostel for only $40 for two nights. He said there's only one other person sharing the room with him, and the dude's from Florida.

Ryan's girlfriend is coming to stay for a week soon...she arrives on the Sunday, he thinks she won't be here until Monday. We have nowhere for her to sleep, so Ryan will be sleeping on the couch in the lounge while she takes his bed. Now I need to figure out a way for him to clean up his bedroom before next Sunday, as opposed to Monday, because he will likely feel that a quick spruce around on the Sunday should do the trick.

I had a long conversation with her Mum last night, so we all know what to expect (and what not to expect), and I feel more comfortable now about her being here. It was more of an issue for me because I'm going to be working, Cam will be working, and Ryan will be finished working by then. Two teenagers in the house alone for hours on end, hmm. Not to worry though, I shant feel the need to be on high alert all week, they're both responsible kids...and Dan will hopefully be here for half her visit anyway, so I'm counting on him to get the ruler out and measure distances etc lol

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