Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Look at That, Look at That...

Don't ask me what I'm looking at on the screen, I wouldn't have a clue. (Excuse the state of my hair...it's gale force winds outside (for a change *snort*) and I'd just got in from work. Besides it's actual real life and my hair looks like this the majority of the time...far be it for me to show you my life via rose-tinted glasses, it is what it is lol).

My previous camera has always been a bit grainy, but at the time it was far better than the one I didn't have (if you get my drift). During the weekend I buggered off and bought a new improved version of the same webcam. I finally downloaded Skype (which I've done before and had no success with whatsoever), and found what a simple yet effective programme it was...ok, it was probably more about Dan stepping me through some stuff and me finally getting it.

I see my sweetheart every day now...not just talk to him. Seeing him, in some ways just makes me miss him more. BUT, I actually get to lay my eyes on him and that's a major bonus for me. I could even do another video post at some point...imagine the future possibilities! haha

Psssst, Mrs L, I do believe you were clocked as being my 72,000th visitor. You must feel terribly excited knowing that now!
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