Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Hero

I had plans to mow the lawn this afternoon and use the weedeater down the driveway, around the steps, wherever weedeaters do their best work etc. I told Cameron he was going to help me. He could either mow the back lawn or use the weedeater. He opted for the mowing.

Turned out I couldn't even get the bloody thing started. After yanking away for what felt like ages...tried pulling the cord on different angles...held my mouth different ways...switched switches, pumped pumps, whatever. Anyway, thinking I'd flooded it, I left it alone for a while and went to cut down one of the noxious weed bushes that is persistent on coming back to life with a vengeance whenever I cut them right back.

See, I thought it would be a good idea to get rid of that particular bush today because it was obstructing the gate between me and the property next door. The property next door which houses a man who I often see or hear using his own mower and weedeater. I figured I take out the obstructive bush, get through the gate, go lick Scott's boots and he might start mine for me (weedeater, not boots). Pah, my pride got in the way...besides I started it last time, I know I can do it!

I picked it up again. It still refused to start. I pumped the button again, made sure it was on...I'd only just filled it with 2-stroke petrol, so I knew it wasn't fuel. Cameron had a go...he's always better at starting those pulley things than I am....but nope, nothing. I took the cap off the spark plug and heads together, we peered inside.

Me: "Do you have a tool that'll fit around the spark plug?"
Cameron: "Er, Why?"
Me: "Because then we could get it out.
Cam: "And how's that gonna help?"
Me: "Well, we could remove know, blow on it, wipe it with a rag, put it back in."
Cam: "Is that the right thing to do?"
Me: "I dunno but that's what they do on tv."

He went back to mowing. Then he got annoyed that he had to keep moving the 20 metre cord around, flicking it this way and that to avoid mowing over it.

"Who's idea was it to get an electric mower anyway?"
"Mine obviously...the petrol engines are too heavy for me to push around on that slope...and anyway I'd probably not be able to start that either."
Expecting him to come back with something to the tune of..."Well I would've done it."...smirking, he replies...

"Nah, you'd be just fine underestimate yourself."
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