Saturday, November 01, 2008

NaBloPoMo, Go!

At least two of my favourite bloggy people are taking part in the NaBloPoMo challenge of posting every day in November. 30 posts for 30 days. So I went and joined up. Well I think I did. I thought maybe I could have another go at this. I attempted to post each day in July...well, missed about 5 days altogether didn't I? And then I disappeared off the face of the screen for almost two months.  Exhaustion? Disappointment? Lobotomy?

Why should I find it so hard to post each day? I used to do it without much thought at all. Possibly I think too much these days.  Last time I bored myself rigid with what I was writing, God knows how you lot coped reading that drivel.  Strong chance that's going to happen again.

Anyone know what NaBloPoMo means? National Blog Posting Month maybe?  Just a guess, I'll have to look into that...from the short trip around the site, it appeared you can do this any month of the year.  I think they have different themes/subjects for each month.  I really should research things better, but given I was doing this late last night, I'll admit I wasn't paying too much attention to the finer details. I've no clue what this month's theme is lol.

I'm pretty sure I did sign up but have no idea if I'm supposed to do anything else with the personal web page I've been given.   It's very empty at the moment (probably will remain so)...scrolling down the page I couldn't help but feel like a Nigel-no-mates when reading under the heading of "Lisa's Friends"..."Lisa doesn't have any friends..."  (How can you NOT feel tremendously sorry for me??)

And just in case I didn't cross my t's and dot my i's correctly, and I've not officially signed up for it, let's just not tell anyone eh?  I don't need to be branded an imposter....or hijacker (or any other word with 3 syllables).

*Proffers glass*.....Here we go then!...*clink*
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