Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Hot Water to Get Into

Just realised that yesterday's post was my'd think I'd have something more profound to write about than the roof falling in wouldn't you?...well that is kinda what happened, and as you'd expect, it did take up a fair amount of my thoughts.

Today is not really that much different, although some progress has been made.  The carpet's not as wet as it was, the floor beneath it's been scrubbed, skirting and smooth-edge has been removed, the heater blower thingies are heating and blowing.

Yesterday while the water was gushing through the ceiling, the two ladies that live downstairs, plus their brother, went down to the service station to see Ryan.  Ryan, completely unaware of what was happening at home, was duly informed and told that I had asked them to go and see him.  What the hell??  Why on earth would I do that?  I'm hardly going to send them to his work place to put pressure on him am I?  Did they think he had a magic wand that would stop the water pissing out of their ceiling? 

This afternoon I became more and more annoyed at my tenants brother and the feeling that he was trying to manipulate me.  He kept talking about the inconvenience caused, the cost of the electricity that the heaters were using up, the fact that his brother works long hours at a supermarket.  I understood where he was coming from and told him could I not? It's not like I couldn't relate to it.  This has been a very unfortunate that's left them without the use of one room...and us without hot water for a few days.

I offered to further decrease the rent to help compensate (I decreased it a small amount per week not long ago when they asked)...he didn't seem to hear anything that I was saying...he never acknowledged any of it.  I suspect that's because I wasn't saying what he wanted to hear.  I can't dry the carpet or walls/ceiling any faster than what's happening in there at the moment...I can't make the builder, carper layer, whatever all turn up tomorrow and finish everything.  I think he's being unreasonable.  Chances are I'm going to lose a couple of weeks rent completely, so I'll just suck that up. 

When he was talking to me this afternoon, he finished off by saying that the other option was they find somewhere else to live.  I told him I was doing the best I could under the circumstances, I would lower the rent to the market rate of a 1 bedroom flat until the second bedroom was back together the way it was when they moved in.  When I walked out - which I did fairly the end of the conversation, I was ready to burst my own dam...which I did by ringing Dan, waking him and crying down the phone, blah - I still didn't know what the brother wanted from me.  I came back upstairs very frustrated.

I've just spent the best part of 40 minutes waiting for my laptop to install service pack 3, and thinking I couldn't have anything else open at the same time, sat here reading my book (Michael Connelly's, Echo Park) patiently.  I gave up.  It's way late and I want to go to sleep.  My bum has already done that because of the position I've been sitting in for the past 40 minutes.

Seems these days all I talk about is how late it is, how tired I am, and how I wish I was asleep lol.  I'll apologise for how messy these last couple of posts in particular have been.  Long-winded, kinda disjointed...that's me trying to get used to using my laptop again.  By the way, I cut all my fingernails off a few days you know how/why these monumental posts are turning up.  I feel such a sense of freedom when I cut my nails off lol.

Ah crap, I'm doing it again.  Night! :)
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