Thursday, November 06, 2008

One Moment Please Caller

It's been one of those days. You know, one that feels longer than the others? My shift this morning was busier than fact Thursdays in particular are always full-on. I usually get home around 2pm and often get into a hot shower, climb into bed and rest/sleep for an hour.

Crazy eh? I've worked less than 6 hours, yet I can come home feeling like a stunned mullet. Afterwards I don't want to say anything, do anything and end up sitting in front of the tv watching doesn't matter what it is...I just need to sit still, be mute and stare.

This morning the phone rang so often that at one point I answered with my usual response...."Hello? Are you there?...Hello?" Then I realised I was talking to a dial tone.

A freakin' dial tone!? Damn.

After I rest I normally have a burst of energy and feel practically inspired to clean...never lasts long...I hate housework.

Today I didn't rest, I was moderately energised and now I'm more than ready for bed.

See ya tomorrow. Night! :)
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