Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pushing the Buttons

Busy day today. Early start with breakfast at the casino here in Christchurch. 7.30am. Lovely breakfast buffet and then had a fiddle around on the slot machines. Do they still call them slots? We call them "Pokies" here, which is interesting in's not like you get poked while you're playing them is it? God knows there'd be a shitload more people addicted if that were the case. Lines and lines of people backed up around the corner waiting to get in. Come on, you know I'm right.

There's a possibility we call them pokey machines (not to be confused with hokey pokey, although half of you won't even know what that is...a flavour of ice cream and more recently chocolate. Oh, how about the hokey tokey? put your left foot in, put your left foot out, you do the hokey tokey and yadda yadda yadda, or something) here because you're (not necessarily YOU, but just you run of the mill people (not calling you run of the mill you understand) people in general, normal, every day people, you KNOW??! Shit...*bashing head on desk*...why must I feel I need to continually explain myself? I'm well aware my readers are all bright switched on hoochey mammas, and dadas, whatever).

Fuck *cough* Where was I?

Oh! Pokey machines...probably called that because people.who.use.them are always poking money into them, not to mention poking the buttons to spin the whatsamacallits on the screens. Which is what we did a little bit of this morning. Funnily enough, I lost no money whatsoever. Read that? Lost NO money at all. None. That's cos it was Dan's money haha. In fact Dan won $125, his daughter won um around $80...and we'll stop there and just let me ride along on their winning coattails. And we won't try calculating how much Dan won after factoring in how much I lost, k? Cool.

I think the quote of the day needs to go to Dan's daughter (it'll be nice one day if I could actually use her real name...or perhaps we could give her a pseudonym? something really cute and sassy, like her.) Anyway, after spending most of the day out of home (oh don't give me that look, we were not at the casino all that time)...we got back and Talulah asked (you like that? Taluuulaaah? no?)...ok, err, Amber (yeah that'll do, directly outta the mouth of the subject haha)... anyways,

Amber: "What are we having for dinner tonight?
Talulah (not really, it was me): "Are you hungry already?"
Amber: (not her real name either): "No, I just wanted to know what was for dinner."
Me (wanting to be called Talulah but blown my cover long ago): *walking into house* "Err, how about cheese on toast?"
From behind me I heard Amber (truly not her name) say...and I (Talulah-wannabe), am assuming she was looking at her father at the time...

..."Noooooo, Lisa's here, we have normal food when Lisa's here!"


PS: Thought I better come back in and tell you what we're having for dinner tonight...Dan is in the kitchen jiving about with the food as I type. Pork schnitzel, new baby potatoes and salad. After everything we've eaten today, cheese on toast woulda be A.O.K with me! lol
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