Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rambling Drivel

I've spent the last couple of hours messing around not doing much...pretty much just about anything else except blogging. It's not that I'm avoiding you, it's just that when I'm not at my own keyboard everything feels different. You know what I mean? Different desktop or laptop, things are in different places etc. I have to get my bearings first before I can sit down comfortably and try to get my groove going.

My groove...such as it is at the moment. I'm not good with change ya know? lol It can take me a couple of days to get comfy. Not in the house, I don't have a problem with that. I'm used to where most things are. Although I did come out of the kitchen tonight while cooking dinner and declare "Wherever we all are in the future, we are having gas hobbs." It wasn't a question, it's happening.

Electric hobbs...have to wait for them to warm up, etc etc. I get bored standing around waiting for everything to heat up to the right temperature, waiting for it to cook on one side before turning blah blah blah. Boredom sets in, it feels like all the action is happening in the lounge. I head there, stand chatting, more blah blah blah...and have to rush back to the kitchen in case the dinner burns. That kinda thing.

Dan's on night shift again tonight...when I flew in last night he was already at work (his lovely daughter kindly collected me at the airport.) He crawled into bed this morning around 5.45am. That's when we got to say our hellos, have a bit of a chat, have a cuddle (oh settle down, it was just a cuddle, family site an' all that), snuggle down together and go (back) to sleep.

We've had a nice relaxing day, visited with friends, sat in the sun (bit obvious now looking at my Rudolph nose)...and before he went to work this evening I think he must've had all of 4 hours sleep. 2 hours this morning, and a couple more earlier tonight. Thank goodness this is the last night shift for a while.

I'm knackered, I'm rambling and I'm sure I've said stuff above you're barely interested in...BUT the more important thing here is that I've posted. It is to me right now anyway lol.
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