Monday, November 03, 2008

Say "Cheese...(cake)"

We're attempting to change our eating habits in this household, so for the last 2 weeks plus, we've been following a diet plan, well a healthy eating plan hopefully.  Cameron who really does not have any weight to lose started off by following the plan religiously...saying that, so did I pretty much the first week.

I'm pleased to say that Cam has loosened up a little...being that he's only 19 and is not overweight...the daily food intake seems rather low.  While we follow this plan, we've also been keeping an eye on the Weight Watchers food guides and how many points some foods are.  I figured that between the two we're hopefully working in the right direction.  Cam was horrified to find that his favourite pizza, which he can consume in it's entirety in one the equivalent to 40 points.  That's almost twice as many points per day than recommended.

There's a lot of chicken on this food plan.  Chicken salad, chicken soup, chicken salad sandwich, chicken salad soup (ok, not that one).  While I was out and about during our first week I received a text message from him..."Oi, how do I cook a chicken breast, godamn."  Bless him.

Today the 3 of us were at the local mall, my kids to get their hair cut, and me to run a couple of errands.  Ryan and I were sitting down enjoying coffee (and McDonalds in Ryan's case)...and Cameron, having finished his appointment joined us.  *him pointing at slice of cheesecake in front of me*  "What's that!?"..."It's salad, wanna share?"...."I love salad, cool" he said, picking up a fork and digging straight in.  There's no denying this kid is my son, haha.

Anyway, this is what he looks like these days....

...he's talking to my sister and stepping her through something or other on her computer.  I have to take photos when they're unaware...lot less drama if they're distracted.  At some point I'll try to snap Ryan...but it'll take a fair bit more skill to catch my youngest out.  Chances are you'll get to see a very skinny slice of him, cos I've taken it through the crack in his bedroom door lol.
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