Sunday, November 30, 2008

We Did It!

I must say I didn't have as much problem this month as I did in July when I tried this, but then I did have a bit to write about, what with the flat crap an' all. Mind you, I had flat crap in July as well, while I was busy trying to rent it, eg. laying carpet, hole in laundry wall due to yet another leak etc.

The boys and I went out this afternoon for coffee. Turned out it was for an early dinner and icecream instead. It's almost like I have to pay them to spend time with me these days. Well, maybe not to that extent, but there's usually a bit of bribing needed to get them out of the house with me.

While we were having our eats this afternoon, we started talking about what we could get each other for Christmas. Several large ticket items were mentioned, way out of our price range, but we were kinda fantasising, so what the hey.

Then Cameron leans over to Ryan and says behind his hand:

"I know...we should buy her a friend, then we wouldn't have to go to the mall with her ourselves."

Although I knew he was only joking, that just topped off my day!
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