Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Would You Like Some Crap With That?

I feel quite down today.

I've just hung out the washing Cameron did last night, but I think it's going to rain. In fact online, the weather forecast says it will rain later but I've hung the bloody stuff out anyway.

While the weather in Christchurch was lovely and possibly too warm for me...the weather in Wellington was blowing gale force winds and lashing rains for a couple of days. There's now a hole in the ceiling of the tenancy downstairs where water came through at around 2am...and wet the bed that the tenants were sleeping in.

The bed that's in the middle of the lounge, because the bedroom is still being worked on. The carpet is now laid, the skirting boards I removed due to them being swollen with water are still to be replaced...and there is only half a ceiling. If I've managed to understand the tenant correctly, the workmen are coming back next Monday to finish that off.

The cat got into my bedroom during my absence and slept several times on my fluffy throw, leaving her nasty cat hair behind. Between her litterbox and her hair everywhere, I am hating the cat more and more these days. I am tempted to tell Cameron to take her with him when he leaves early next year.

The throw is now in the washing machine, to be hung out when done, so it can be rained upon.

I climbed into bed last night and felt like crying...I didn't...but I felt like it! I hated leaving Dan and Lorelei behind. Lorelei is flying up to Wellington this coming weekend for a friend's birthday party...I was hoping to pick up Miss Jaimee from kindy and then head for the airport to be Lorelei's taxi. She's certainly done it enough for me this year. Now it looks like I'll probably have to work on Friday afternoon, so I'll scrap that thought altogether.

That can't be help. One of my colleagues' sons is not very well and she will be unable to come into work the next few days. I'll be working on my own this afternoon, working later than usual tomorrow, and then doing Friday afternoon. I've no problem with doing the extra time, God knows these ladies do cover for me enough, I'm more concerned about her son than anything else. But I am having a pity party today, so it gets lumped in the pile.

Ryan was working solo again at the service station last night. The men that have threatened to physically harm him previously, returned AGAIN...they blatantly filled their gas tanks and practically thumbed their noses at him. This will be the third Tuesday in a row they've turned up. It seems his manager may feel he is being dramatic, and last night the police didn't even bother turning up. I'll go into more detail about this when I can be bothered. It's worth a whole post in my eyes. This particular thing angers and upsets me more than the rest of today's rant.

Right, I'm off to get a break from the house and find me a coffee.

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