Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Cat That's Got the Cream?

Yes, yes, I'm still here. Maybe not as often as I thought I'd be at this time of year, but I'm here all the same ok? I've the iPod blasting in my ears, I'm comfortable and chances are I could rattle on for eons. Pull up a seat and feast your eyes upon my words for a change. Who knows? They could be the last you see of me for the rest of the year. Best make the most of it now, yeah? Thought so.

The MOST exciting news of the year for me, is the arrival of the beautiful and much awaited Payten. And my God, you shoulda been there to see it all happen...well, ok, not fact I wasn't even there to SEE it all happen myself. As can sometimes happen, the wee babe just refused to come out of the purpose-made orifice and came into this world via emergency C section. (Already trying to avoid her Aunty Lisa I see.)

Last Friday (16th) I started off the day by attending Anna's midwife visit, checking out bodily functions were normal, making sure all was as it should be. Apparently all was. In fact, 2 cms dilated even. Well, well, well. What does this mean?? I'm thinking...maybe this is all going to happen within the parameters of the correct time frame for me? Afterall I was on a tight schedule, I had places to go, people to prop up, etcetera, etcetera.

After veto-ing coffee with my best mate Fi, I chose to spend the day with Anna, on a just-in-case premise, you know? I mean to say, how would I feel if she rang to say she was in labour and I'd only just sat down with my coffee and friend for a good natter? "Sorry Anna, you had your chance, I'm afraid I'm no longer available to you now. Cross your legs honeypie and I'll see you in a few hours time ok? Good girl" ??

You see my dilemma. (I really wish these people would get their priorities right and realise that it really is STILL all about me *sigh*)

Soooo....I spent the rest of my day timing contractions and trying not to frown. Can't have the labouring woman thinking part of her support system might be getting worried, or worse yet, is falling to pieces. To be honest, it wasn't the worrying bit that had me frowning on the inside. It was the "Oh God, she's in pain enough already and we are nowhere near the grand finale. How's she going to cope later? HOW AM I GOING TO COPE WITH HER NOT COPING??!"

Later that evening I sat in the birthing unit watching Anna going through one contraction after another...watching from this point of view, I have to say, I couldn't help but wonder what the hell is wrong with us women??! I looked at her stomach, thinking "We must be bloody MAD! What was mother nature thinking??!" Eventually I had hold of Anna's leg, her foot braced against my waist, staring at you know *blush*....and I was mentally pleading for Payten to come out.

Anna couldn't have pushed any harder than she was. I could've given birth myself right then and there, I was pushing so damn hard alongside her. (Let's say a quick silent prayer for that not more babies for me thank-you-very-much). While I was busy begging and pleading silently, wishing Payten would hurry herself up and stop putting her mum through so much pain, I found phrases almost akin to something cheerleaders yell. "You're doing great, Keep going, that's it, good girl. Come on baby girl, we want to meet you" Obviously I didn't yell them out, although thinking about that now, I could possibly have supported other women in the delivery suite at the same time lol.

I can't describe the frustration I felt when Payten didn't appear during that time. But just because I wanted that to happen, doesn't mean it was going to. After more doctors checking and some quiet discussions on the side, it was decided that a c section would be the best option. Payten was starting to get distressed with all the messing about etc, so off they all went to theatre (and I mean ALL of them, there were actually 10 medical personnel involved).

On Friday 16th January, at precisely 11.52pm, Payten Grace entered this world. Isn't she just all levels of gorgeous-ness?! (Yes, I think she looks like her god mother too, thanks *proud smile*)

Judging by the picture at the beginning of this post, you can see that Jaimee is nothing but delighted to have her little sister in her arms. God, I LOVE that picture, it's my all time favourite and makes me feel like crying every time I see it *sniff*

I'm now in Christchurch with Dan. As you may remember I was waiting for Payten to arrive before getting on a plane south. Payten arrived on Friday, I booked my flight and flew south on Sunday. Dan's knee operation went so well on Tuesday he actually came home that evening. And here's me thinking I was going to have the house to myself....bloody doctors getting in the way of my life sheesh.

With Ryan's broken leg, Payten's arrival and Dan's knee, I've clocked up a fair few hours inside hospital walls lately. I've also learnt to walk at snail's pace. Which has kinda been quite nice compared to the pace that Dan usually rushes's like his bum's on fire sometimes lol.

Today, 4 days later, Dan's driving again (he's such a smart arse)...which is just as well really...with all the driving around I've done in the last few days, not to mention him telling me to go right when I should've turned left...I could've shoved him out the passenger door a time or two (and yeah you KNOW you deserved it too) lol.

I brought my backgammon set down this time, thinking it could come in handy to take up some hours of immobility. It may as well stay here, I never use it at home these days. At one point Dan suggested we have a the time I wasn't, um, really talking to him, but whatever. Whooped his arse didn't I? I mean, what did he expect...honestly?? Does he not know what got me addicted to the internet in the first place? (Not to mention the practise I got many years ago which is part of my 100 things lol) Yeah, I was laughing...on the inside of course, can't have him feeling too much of a loser. (I can SO feel egg on my face coming up at some point here lol)

Right, I'm outta here. The weather is steaming hot and windless, I feel like wearing my short nightie all day long, the restriction of normal attire makes me break out in a horrible know, soon as you've had a shower you practically feel the need to have another? Blah.

I shall finish off quickly with my star of the she is, the proud Mama with her girls. The fact that Jaimee's in her pyjamas is either due to the lateness of the hour she came into the hospital, or the fact her father was looking after her lol.

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