Sunday, February 08, 2009

Still Breathing

Am feeling very dissatisfied with life in general at moment. Can't seem to make any major decisions about where I want to be in my working career, or even where I want to live. I have far too many options available to me. I guess that's better than having no options at all.

The boys are doing well. Ryan's leg is getting better and better as you'd expect, and he's now working for his father. Not entirely sure WHAT he's doing there, but happier that he's not at service station any longer. He went into town yesterday for the first time, independently, no crutches...came home limping and looking grumpily frustrated. To be expected. BABY STEPS DAMN IT! They always think they know better.

Cameron and two mates are spending weekends looking at houses to rent (in between sleeping and socialising). Obviously we all knew it was going to happen, and have been preparing myself for void for 19 years now. Regardless of mental and emotional preparation, can still see self weeping uncontrollably and clinging on day he finally leaves *sigh*

Dan has been and gone from Wellington. He has also now found himself some new digs to move into in a couple of weeks time. This last 'visit' would have been the longest we've been together straight...over 2 weeks...couple of hiccups, nothing major. I had rather stunning meltdown on morning of our departure from Christchurch. Yay me. No such cheering from Dan at time...very calm, slowly opened slammed-in-face-door, walked away. Made me feel like idiot. I was. (Incidentally, superb bedroom door...slammed beautifully.) Still love the man like crazy. Very grateful he still loves me.

You may have noticed I've changed my profile picture (kinda looks squashed, whatever). This is due to a co-worker who had trouble finding me on Facebook because of my previous photo...apparently I looked 15 years old. Those who know me in person, and of course on here, are well aware that I am certainly not a teenager. Sure, I may act like one occasionally, but no. (Am hoping new pic age is around 25.)
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