Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I was...

...sitting here at my desk this morning with not much to do and realised something. I could post if I was of a mind couldn't I? Could I? Yeah, why the hell not? Lawd, do you know that it's been so long since I've actually posted (not to mention come into my own blog page), that I had to sit here and remember HOW I get back into blogger to do said posting? I honestly had to think hard about that.

Anyway, I'm here. I've been busy as you all have probably been. For the last couple of months I've been doing an extra job...from home...which is ideal, but quite demanding and very time consuming. The fact that I'm here this morning is only due to my new boss being at conference yesterday. I've taken on a medical typing contract for a neurologist. This has been an interesting and somewhat eye-opening endeavour for me. And it practically takes up all the hours that I'm not at the medical centre. BUT, it suits my purposes for the moment. I don't want to leave the medical centre, yet I do need to work full-time, and doing it this way is perfect.

That is, as long as I can figure out what the hell he's saying in his dictation. This is all done digitally. He records files on his PC at his end, then emails them over to me etc. Good fun, or not sometimes. When I'm down south with Dan, I drag my laptop with me and continue to work down there.

Unfortunately for my blog site, because of all this mad typing I've been doing to earn money, the last thing I feel like doing is actually type more by being on here. Thus, I've allowed my posting to slack off. As in the past, I have plenty to say, just not so much time or the inclination to be saying it *sigh*

And speaking of slacking off...that is what I'm going to do now...this is going to be in the form of me throwing a shitload of junk into several boxes, all in the cause of trying to empty out Cameron's room. Cameron won't be leaving home any time soon it seems. Next simesta he will have so much going on at Uni that he'll be unable to work at all, so the decision's been made for him to hang around. BUT in the meantime we are going to overhaul his bedroom and make it more comfortable for him to study in. That kid has SO much crap in there, I'm going to put it all in boxes and he can go through it later.

Right, must away. I hope all is going well in your lives, and next time I get the opportunity I shall come by and have a quick read about what you've all been up to!

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