Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ball, Bugs and Bourbon

Each summer season my softball team runs a weekly raffle in the clubrooms, only one prize, that being alcohol. If you won, you went home with a 40oz bottle each of bourbon, gin, vodka, whiskey and rum; 2 dozen bottles of beer, a 3 litre cask of medium white wine, a bottle of red wine and 750ml bottle of irish creme.

The winning ticket of this raffle wass based on the bonus number that came up each week on the lottery. That also means there were only 40 tickets sold each week and at $10 a ticket, that was a pretty good profit. We fundraise this way each year and this money goes into a team pool that gets us north for what they call the "Fun in The Sun" softball tournament, which is held at the end of the softball season and a great way to finish the season with at least 40 different teams (male, female and mixed teams) from around the North Island socialising.

It's basically a get together to see the season out and usually filled with alot of drinking, barely any sleeping and the occasional event of debauchery behind the racecourse in Hastings. The weather is usually damn hot, the mosquitoes are out in full force, they tend to run in swarms (possibly they're having their end of season gig too) and the local supermarkets and dairies run out of insect repellent before the close of the first day. Insect repellent is vital...considering how much is drunk during these days and the heat, our busy bodies are sweating profusely, the smell of sweet alcohol layering our skin....the bugs, rampant with delirium, strike with full force.

Anyway, last season, my ticket number for the raffle was 4 (this is my favourite number and supposedly my number for the be all and end of time for me, my sacred number in the numbers game of life). I won the raffle 3 times. That's right 3 times. So I have a kitchen cabinet and fridge full of stuff to drown my sorrows or celebrate my highs in life and I barely drink at all. Winning that often got me a lot of disgruntled looks from my team mates and fellow clubroom members who all know that I'm not of the 'seasoned' drinkers society.

The vodkas gone, I turned it all into kahlua, the bourbon's gone, because that's the only drink I can handle more than 2 of without falling flat on my face and I gave away the beer and wine. On desperate days I'd have a go at the rum...and unfortunately the whiskey tastes kinda like an ashtray to me, so if I say I'm drinking whiskey, it means I'm having one of those desperate desperate days (not to be confused with just an ordinary desperate day).

[Interruption by Jehovah Witness at I suspect I'm going to have a regular visitor by the name of William *sigh*....why don't I know how to say "thanks, but no thanks" to these people of God's world?]

But...thanks to Duty Free and my recent trip to Vegas and Canada, I have a large bourbon bottle (with handle) that barely has a dent in it. So....last night the boys went to their Dad's for the weekend (Dad and I are cool, no awkwardness after the other day, we're all good) and I let llCoffee call the shots in my house and dragged said bottle out of the cupboard and had a few drinks. I'm afraid I can't drink wine... I do bad things (which apparently are good things) when I partake, but that's a whole other story.

I went to bed after speaking to Canada on voicechat for a while....received the phone call from him that we'd discussed while at the PC....and had the best sleep I've had in a long time after I hung up *cough*

Thanks for that girlfriend, I enjoyed you calling the shots in my world for one night. Here's to telling others what to do...Cheers *clink*

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