Saturday, April 16, 2005

Early Morning

My best friend rang this tell me that my 5 year old godson has apparently being going next door each morning before 830 to say hi to the neighbours. She found this out whilst taking her older son to soccer today...the neighbour came over and said to her son "Hello, Master Dynamo, as much as I enjoy seeing you, would you mind not making it at 8.15am?

This reminded me of years ago when my two were toddlers. Our next door neighbours had two daughters that were about 8 and 10 years older than my sons. These four kids used to play together a lot and so the neighbours house became my boys' home away from home. I never realised just how comfortable my kids were next door, until my neighbour (Gail) told me that 15 was a regular visitor over there in the morning after her husband had left for work. Her hubby is a truck mechanic and leaves for work at 6am every morning (bugger that)....Gail was starting to get a little peeved at opening her eyes at 6.15 in the morning to 15 and his loud and cheery "HELLO GAIL!". He was 4 at the time.

Once 14 found his feet, he was waddling next door just as much, but I had restrained them from getting out of the house, giving Gail plenty of time to wake up properly. Gail rings me one afternoon to say "I think 14 is hungry"...."Oh?"...."Yes, he's just put bread in the toaster". I was embarrassed to find that my two had no qualms at all about going into the fridge or cupboards next door. They knew they were supposed to ask for anything they wanted. They still do it here at home. There's been a bar of chocolate sitting on our breakfast bar here for the past 2 weeks...neither of them have touched it.

I'm off to Jaimee's 1st birthday shortly (I was going to attempt to post a pic of her, but my brain is slowly down quickly). I am sooo not wanting to be moving anywhere now. This is what happens when I get up at 5.30am to take 15 to the bakery, and then not climb back into bed. STUPID WOMAN! I feel I'm wilting at a great rate of a puddle on the floor soon.

I drove 15 to work, then stopped into the local service station where they've just started up a new cafe...and I had such a craving for a Moccachino, I just had to stop in there. The lovely indian woman behind the counter was so happy to see me at 6am, she was chatty and smiley and called me Darling. Was a nice way to start off my day. These days when I order a mocca, I rattle off "One large, skim milk, moccachino, half-strength coffee, no marshmallows please"....I couldn't bring myself to say that today...fuck sake, I was still half asleep anyway. So I came home with my full fat milk, super strength coffee and sat here and read and commented on as many blogs as my eyes would allow me to focus on.

Prior to 15 going to work this morning...he came into the lounge to inform me "I think I've just broken the toilet seat". I had heard a loud "clunk" earlier, and not thought much of it...figured the cat had exited the laundry via the window.

So, after I finished my coffee...and commented around blogger....I clipped my hair back, slipped the rubber gloves on, and went to do battle with the toilet seat. I kinda like doing the occasional bit of DIY stuff. Anyway...20 minutes into this expedition I was on my knees swearing...worrying about breaking a finger nail (yeah yeah, I can be such a girlie girl at times)...and sweat was getting in my eyes....BUT...I won. Ha haaaaaaaaaa! Take THAT you wretched toilet seat!!
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