Monday, August 01, 2005

Another Monday, Another Headache

Afternoon All.

Busy morning at work as per usual. Seemed to me there were more screaming children than the norm, but it's over now and I still have the capacity to hear, so I guess I'm doing alright.

Unfortunately 14 is not too well. I was rung from the college to say he had turned up in the sickroom there and wasn't looking too flash. I rang my ex-husband and asked him if he could pick him up and deliver him home...which he did. 20 minutes later, I get a call from 14, he's at home, and crying down the phone to me. This is very 14 year old doesn't cry unless there's something very wrong. He had a migraine. It's not the first time either....last time, we ended up at the after hours surgery during the weekend....I dragged 15 along more to support me than his brother.

Today, I got home, gave him some tablets, put him back to bed and waited for the medication to take affect. Nothing. He started crying again. There is nothing that will wind me up more than hearing my children cry at this age in particular. When they're little, we can cuddle and kiss them better...the pain virtually disappears. Not so when they're teenagers.

Anyway, in the end the meds didn't appear to be working and I couldn't cope with it anymore...I rang the doctor's office, I knew full well there wasn't going to be a free apointment at this time of day. I told them what the problem was and I knew the receptionist could hear the slight panic in my voice. She told me to bring him in straight away and they'd squeeze him in somewhere.

He couldn't see properly, he hated moving...any movement made his head pound more...and by the time the doctor got round to the nurses' station to see him, he was practically snoring. I told the doc to come back after he'd seen his next patient, but 14 opened his eyes, so he got examined. I was told because he's practically adult size now, to take him home, shove him back to bed, give him another pill and if it doens't come right, we're to turn up back there at 5pm and he'll give him something stronger. I haven't told 14, that actually means an injection in the butt. I'm hoping it'll come right before I have to cross that bridge lol.

It wasn't until we came home that I realised his shorts were on back to front and he was wearing long socks and school shoes...there's a fashion statement right there folks.

On other news: Unfortunately Jess didn't get through to the next heat despite how many people voted for her. When I don't like bad news, I tend to push it away until I'm ready to deal with it....which is why I didn't bother telling you sooner. To those that voted for her via this site, thank you so very much...I appreciated the support she was given.

I spoke to her on Saturday morning straight after we found out...she was definitely disappointed, but more confused than anything. She couldn't understand how she didn't make it through when so many people had voted. Although it was certainly a bummer, she'd had an amazing experience, and now she has a fantastic video clip of herself singing. The other young lady (Caitlin) went through to the finals.

It won't slow her down fact, the following day she came third in the finals of the annual regional singing talent quest. While I was talking to her on the phone after the announcement on Saturday, she was receiving text messages from her friends and teachers at school. One teacher texted "You'll always be number one to us"...aint that for sure. A friend of her mum's recorded the video onto DVD, so she'll always have it. This is certainly not the last we'll hear from her.

Better wrap this up now, it's become another lengthy epistle. Oh, before I go, I wanted to introduce you to a site that's supposed to help generate more traffic through to your blogs. Click here, and add yourself to CLIX (top sites) and see if it makes a difference. I think it's helping me and Walker...we've made it to the top 10! Well, I'm at number 10 at the moment, how long I can stay there is another matter altogether. Each Thursday they reset the counter, so every new blog site gets a fair shake.

Right, I'm off to navigate through the debris on 14's bedroom floor, in the dark, stumble my way to his bedside, and check on how he's feeling.
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