Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Angel of Mine

*ring ring*

Me: "Hello?"

Anna: "Hiya! I found another song I want you to download and listen to!"

Me: "For the wedding?"

Anna: "Yeah"

Me: "To walk down the aisle to, do you mean?"

Anna: "Yeah, Jason loves it too. I want to know what you think."

Me: "Ok...sure"

Anna: "Listen to the lyrics, they're awesome!"

I downloaded the song and listened to it wearing one ear of the headset, the phone pressed against my other.

I listened, she sat quietly waiting.

I listened and then attempted to speak to her. Tried to tell her what I thought. It was practically hopeless...I was envisaging her walking down the aisle to this music.

Over the lump in my throat I managed to croak out..."It's lovely" *sniff*

Anna: (to her co-workers in the background) "We've found a winner folks, she's crying!"

*bursts of cheers and laughter from the background*

How she expects me to be able to get up in front of the congregation and do a reading I've personally written about the two of them AFTER I've been subjected to the sight of her floating down the aisle to that song, WITHOUT crying hysterically is beyond me.

I refuse to be held responsible for my actions on that day.

(You may need to keep my site open in the background for a bit before you get to hear it. I think it could need time to do it's little buffer thing first. It stopped and started off and on, I had to keep clicking on the play button..then it played all the way through, so God only knows what's up with it. But I don't care, cos LOOK WHAT I DID!! lol)
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