Thursday, September 01, 2005

No Bother At All

It's Cameron's 16th birthday today. I've been completely unorganised for it, although I've asked him several times over the past month about what he'd like.

The thought of professional driving lessons and a gym membership crossed my mind. I was hoping to go for something that had nothing to do with his PC or Dual Screen. Eventually it hurt too much to be creative, and I opted out. I bought him World of Warcraft and a two month membership to start him off online.

It did occur to me that some kids get cars on their 16th birthday...and considering I've got bugger all money, I'm happy he doesn't know how to drive properly yet.

Tonight, his father, brother and I, along with some of his friends are going out for dinner. Because he's so into anything to do with Japan, we're going to a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you, throw bowls of rice, and raw eggs etc at you.


Me: *shake shake* "Cam?"
Cam: "Hmph?"
Me: "It just occurred to me that you might want a cake for your birthday. Do you want me to bring a cake to the restaurant tonight for dessert?"
Cam: "Um...yeah, ok...if it's not too much bother"
Me: "No bother...what flavour would you like?"
Cam: "Um....chocolate would be nice"
Me: "Ok...sorry to wake you, just needed to find out before I left for work"
Cam: "Ok" *rolls over and goes back to sleep*

I rush out to the lounge and pick up the phone.

*ring ring*

"Hello? Blah de Blah Bakery" *spoken by a voice I don't recognise*

Me: "Hi, it's Cameron's mum here. You know Cameron that works there on the weekends?"
Voice: "Oh yes, I know"
Me: "It's his birthday today. I know this is short notice, but do you think you guys could throw together a chocolate birthday cake for him? Just use something you've already got down there and ice "Happy Birthday Cameron" on the top?"
Voice: "Cool, no problem..what time do you want to pick it up?"

I picked it up on my way home from work today. It's damn heavy, yet it's not really that big. God only knows what they put in these gateaus but hopefully the kids will enjoy eating it. I have actually taken a photo of the top of the cake, and I was planning to post it on here, but alas, now I can't find my camera!

That'll be because I've been running around madly, trying to tidy up the house before his mates arrive. I felt it's the least I could've done considering last night he practically went over his bedroom with a fine tooth comb and it's absolutely spotless. I can, if nothing else, take a hint.

The fact that he then pulled the vacuum cleaner out to hoover the lounge may have helped.

Update: I found my camera...course it was where it should've been...safely in my handbag, so I wouldn't forget to take it out tonight, doh! Perhaps I shoulda just told them to write "Cam", it certainly woulda fit better than that long arsed name of his in full.

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